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John933 9 Jan 2012 00:00

Europe September. 2012
Any one thinking of going south in to Europe this year. I'm looking for a trip after summer. So that would be round the September time. How long I'm easy. How you do it is the same ( easy ) hotel's or camping I can do both.

backofbeyond 9 Jan 2012 07:31

If you're camping you'll be alright in early Sept but that's the month that a lot of them start shutting down after the summer. If you're going in late Sept you'll have less choice.

John933 10 Jan 2012 14:46

I've been a few times in September, and strange enough I've alway's found Europe to be open, :)

John933 19 Jan 2012 18:39

Looking at this...

2012 - Google Maps


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