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road warrior 18 Mar 2010 15:01

Does anyone know how a foreigner can buy a motorcycle in Turkey?
I am an American citizen and would like to buy a motorcycle in Turkey this summer.

Do I need a residency permit (ikamet?) and if so, how do I obtain one?
What is the procedure for buying the motorcycle?
What are some of the costs involved?

Please help, I will be leaving for Turkey in a couple of months!

Thank you.

KayaKoyuOldBoy 18 Mar 2010 16:29

You will be told, quite rightly, that you don't need a Residence Permit to purchase a motor vehicle in Turkey.

However, from 1st January 2010, foreigners need a Foreigner ID Number / Yabanci Kimlik Numarasi and to obtain one you must be in possession of, either a current Residence Permit or have held one in the past.

Depending on the province in which you apply, it can take anything from 24 hours to 10 weeks to obtain a Residence Permit. In some provinces your passport has to be surrendered during the application process.

The costs for a Residence Permit are £40 for the first month and £30 for each subsequent month upto 5 years. If you employ a "fixer" to do the running about for you that will naturally add further costs.

The good news is that road tax and insurance are relatively cheap in Turkey.

Depending upon the length of stay, you'll probably find it far more economical and hassle free to rent rather purchase.

You might find this website interesting Route 69

ricster49 26 Mar 2010 21:59

If you are only going for the summer I would suggest that you buy a bike in Europe and take it into Turkey. You will have to take it out after three months but it would probably be a lot less hassle. You only get a three month stay on a tourist visa anyway. When I lived there I met a lot of bikers who had done this. Not a problem as long as you have insurance and a Carnet. I doubt that you would be able to get an Ikamet without having a job or some other financial tie to Turkey. Rental can be very expensive. The cheapest I ever found was for a 350 2 stroke single, Turkish copy of a 50's CZ and I could have rented a car for less money. You might do better if you look hard.
Having said that, Turkey is a great place to travel. Some fabulous roads but very slippery surfaces and kamikazi truck drivers. Enjoy

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