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santrix 26 Jul 2009 08:59

Czech Republic Accomodation 1st Aug 09
We are coming up from Italy and should get to the CR on Sat 1st August. We have camping gear and are looking for either a very cheap hostal or campsite thats relatively secure. Or whats the wild camping law, looking for advice asap please.

Vaufi 26 Jul 2009 12:13

Check out this site of the m/c club "Pekelné doly" in northern Czech Rep.: Pekelné doly - Motorrad Höhle The club accommodates their guests in a sandstone cave in the middle of a forest. You can park your bike right next to your sleeping bag :thumbup1:

Unfortunately only in czech and german... But the map shows the (fairly) exact location.

If you need anything translated just PM me.


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