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Arow 28 Dec 2011 21:23

Cyprus - is it straightforward?
Four wheels. GB passports.

Hope to take the car ferry from Tasucu, visit north and south for a while, then return to Turkey.

I'm already abroad and this is a late decision. I have a Green Card issued for European & Asian Turkey, will that also cover the Turkish Republic in Cyprus?. South is in EU so would guess existing European coverage is O'K?
Any border hassles, which is easiest/quickest?

Anything to look out for generally?

I read that prices are higher than on Turkish mainland - what percentages north and south.

Chris M-C 3 Jan 2012 14:57

Hi, I went to Cyprus from Tasucu in 2010, there are various 'charges' for going through the port, onto the ferry and out of the port at the other end, nothing major but a bit of hassle. you may need to get further Ins in the northern part of Cyprus.. available at the port.
I crossed into southern Cyprus in Nicosia, had to fill in an Import form..!! for bringing a vehicle from a non european country. they also wanted to know how long I intended to stay and also made a big thing about returning the form before leaving to go back into northern Cuprus.... I just took the laid back, all the time in the world approach and had no problems to speak of apart from only being able to speak english.
Regarding prices, I found that fuel was expensive in Turkey and Northern Cyprus and food was quite cheap, Southern Cyprus is similar to Europe... whether the current Greek situation will have any effect remains to be seen.
The folks in both North and South were great.


Arow 3 Jan 2012 22:12

I appreciate the detail - thanks.

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