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David Nimrod 6 Jun 2010 10:32

Camping in Italy ~ Advice needed!
We are planning to drive down to Italy with our three kids in the Landrover.

The route will be down through France and into the Alps, then down to Tuscany, then north to Lake Como, and back to Nottingham.

Unfortunately because of the kids summer holidays we are restricted to the last week of July and August.

We’ll be camping, but as we’re not sure of the route, we won’t be booking any places to stay in advance.

Do the camp sites get booked up?
Will we end up sleeping in the Landrover? :oops2:

What is the best camp site directory – Garmin POI’s (like Archies) or websites?

We're looking for small un commercial sites...

Any advice much appreciated ~ Mrs. Nimrod & family ~

backofbeyond 6 Jun 2010 12:19

My experience is that the sort of sites the kids would like are the ones that'll be booked up at that time of year. In similar circumstances I've turned up at many sites with the family in tow to be told they're full and after the third or fourth have said the same it can get a bit worrying. Not so much of a problem with the smaller sites away from the main areas but if they're young kids they'll get bored.

Fortunately my kids are a bit older now so all of the above was from pre internet days when a guide book and a map was the best you could hope for. These days I'd suggest trying to keep one site ahead by booking the next one the previous day, or if that's not possible at least trying to ring them ahead of turning up. The calls may be pricey but probably less than the cost of fuel on a wasted journey

danward79 7 Jun 2010 11:52


Last year we drove from Brighton to Portugal via Calais, the year before we drove to Cordoba via the Picos de Europe. I have to say we have never booked anything but the ferry, and only been turned away once in France. Both trips where in August, which is peak season.

It is a risk, and judging by the responce above it is a pot luck situation. The good thing is that there are so many campsites it is unbeleivable. You could book into a municiple overnight and arrange another one for the next day as a solution, if it happens to you?

Download the GPS waypoint files for campsites from this forum. It has most sites in it.

Have fun.


backofbeyond 7 Jun 2010 12:29

It does very much depend on where you are. Finding a site through most of France won't be a problem. There are thousands of them and in the non touristy areas there will be plenty of space even in July / Aug. It's the tourist areas that will be packed - ie the Med coast in France and Italy.

Some parts of the Alps also. We have a flat in the French alps, in a popular summer cycling area, with five or six campsites nearby. If there's a cycling event on all of them will be full for a week or so.

I've not stayed at Lake Como but have spent a couple of camping holidays at Lake Maggiore in Aug. We prebooked but site after site in the area had full signs.

4x4overland 8 Jun 2010 10:29

Hi...Camping Gran Bosco of Salbertrand in Alta Val di Susa
this is where i,d normaly head for...plenty off room and good facilities.....
We normaly head from calais to a place in france called Dole where you will find a nice campsite next to a river in the town(just follow the signs for camping)this is our halfway mark.....
Then next day head for susa..........
Staying at Gran bosco in the susa valley you will be near a lot off mountain tracks infact they are all around you.....bikers and 4x4ers use this site for that purpose......
if you head into the local supermarket which is turn right out off the campsite and left before you go through the tunnel into a place called oulx i think if memory serves....you can buy a local map(green)which shows the lanes and locations....but be aware some are closed!!!....talk to people in the campsite for up to date info or just tag along with others.....
On these amazing tracks you can camp for free and have big fires...:thumbup1: buy a decent alps map that shows the scenic routes and you can do the St Bernards passes ,Val d isere, Another nice place to visit is Zermatt in Switzerland where theirs a nice campsite on the outskirts looking at a glacier....you have to bus into town as no cars aloud....
Theirs a lot off places and passes and cols to visit......im just guessing travelling with kids you,ll be restricted a bit with the miles per day?????:thumbup1:

David Nimrod 9 Jun 2010 21:15

camping in Italy...
Thanks to everyone who replied to my question on camping in Italy.

Very helpful and all good advice!

Anyone out there knowledgeable on off roading (4x4) routes in Italy?

It would be good to know some Garmin POI's too!

Many thanks ~ Mrs. Nimrod.

4x4overland 10 Jun 2010 12:31


Originally Posted by David Nimrod (Post 292285)
Thanks to everyone who replied to my question on camping in Italy.

Very helpful and all good advice!

Anyone out there knowledgeable on off roading (4x4) routes in Italy?

It would be good to know some Garmin POI's too!

Many thanks ~ Mrs. Nimrod.

Google Translate

Not sure if the link worked?????????
if not try google and tap in Alpenrouten...you,ll have to translate to English unless you speak or understand German....
Go into the reigions section and tap in Italy....
North piedmont and South piedmont and Aosta.......
the site gives you all the info and grades the lanes and passes....
All my tracks are up top in the head....but ive found this site useful from time to time....
stu...Forgot to say......Once youve got the jist off the site and need the full info on a track...r.e..grid refs etc etc....you,ll need to read the site in its mother tongue German...for some reason it wont show in English.....

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