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kiwi_cj 15 Jul 2009 08:38

Calais to the Pyrenees over 3 days (for the HUMM)
Hey all

Heading off to the HUMM this weekend. Chunnel booked Saturday morning so got a few days to get down to the Pyrenees. Looking for suggestions as to a route.... :helpsmilie:

Oh yeah and if anyone is heading down for the HUMM at the same time and wants a riding buddy, let me know!


Ben_CB500 15 Jul 2009 12:59

I usually take the N1 (it's called something else now) as far as Abbeville then take the free bit of autoroute to Rouen. From there either the N138 to Le Mans if you wanne head down the west side or go Dreux, Evreux, Chartres, Orleans if you wanna go down the middle. Just past Orleans (Vierzon) you can pick up the A20 (free bit) which will take you a long way south to just past Brive. N20 to Toulouse, then over the pyranees.

This is not a scenic route, it's a thrifty fast route (though some bits are quite scenic, like the N20 thru the Dordogne


fitzneo 18 Jul 2009 22:30

Gotta be honest, I prefer Autoroute all the way, it costs a bit more but you can do North to South in an easy(ish) day. I'd rather do that then spend the extra time roaming around the Pyrenees. French side is well commercialised but the Spanish side hasn't caught up yet. If you get a chance check out 'Torla' in Spain there's only one road into the village and it goes out the other side into the Pyrenees the campsite on the left as you go from the village towards the mountains is fine and there's another across the river. Best and cheapest eats are at Hotel Bujaruelo almost opposite the Guardia Civil Station.
On the French side I found the cheapest places are around St Lary Soulain but not on the main street, it's a bit of a rip-off and I reckon the roads are more fun on the Spanish side, check out the roads West of La Seu D'Urgell after you leave Andorra going South. There's a big Skiing hotel in Viella to the West and they are almost empty most of the summer, I stayed there for four days and they apologised every night because the restaurant was closed and I had to go out for evening meals. It was really cheap with giant breakfast (Spanish- ie cakes and jam etc). Have fun

stevesawol 22 Jul 2009 14:52

Get yourself a michelin map and pick any road thats green - they are sightseeing routes...you can't go wrong

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