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Zimi 1 Mar 2012 21:14

Bucareste to Odessa possible without going through Moldavia?
Hi guys,
my question was maybe not really well formulated. Which border crossing are open to foreigners to go from Romania to Ukrain. I am looking at the nearest one from Odessa.
Is it possible to do it without going trough Moldavia? I would really avoid going through Moldavia and as well going all the way to Kiev, because I already did this road last year. nd for Moldavia I heared a lot of bad stories from other riders I met on the road lat year, they were all the time ripped off by soldiers and policemen.

Thanks in Advance.

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Zimi 6 Mar 2012 20:26

Hi, is my question not really clear or nobody knows if it's possible?


Hemuli 6 Mar 2012 21:37

Not sure, but according to google map, Giurgiulesti is just in the corner of Moldova.
Why do you want to avoid Moldova?
Rode through that country 2 years ago and it was really nice country.

Zimi 11 Mar 2012 19:44

Ok guys, I got a reply from a Romanian friend of mine, and I think I can share it with you in case somebody else might need it.

Ok, the border is very close to Galati , 18 km. You need to enter 2 km in Moldavia, because Moldavia have the possibility to go with boots to Dunerea river .You will be forced to cross that piece of Moldavian land. This is not a problem whith people, with bandits or something else. Is not a war area (Transnistria and Cecenia is far away). Only if they will ask you visa (I don't thing so) can be a problem. And you will pay 1,5-2 eur tax for motorcycle.
after this 2 km, you will entry in Ukrain, you will go directly to Ismail city. You can cross Kuhurlui (Ialpug) lake on bike, there is a road, no problem.
Until june, we can obtain more details.

Andysr6 12 Mar 2012 10:07

Hi, Crossed Moldova in 2009 and had no problems, border crossing were about 30 minutes and friendly. Beware of the many speed traps in Ukraine on the road to Odessa. Andy

estebangc 12 Mar 2012 10:33


Originally Posted by Zimi (Post 369645)
nd for Moldavia I heared a lot of bad stories from other riders I met on the road lat year, they were all the time ripped off by soldiers and policemen.

I was told the very same bad stories about several no-way-out brives (=blackmail) in Transnistria, in such a short stretch of land. They said "to avoid, if travelling for fun".


Robbert 12 Mar 2012 13:52

I don't remember if a visum for Moldavia is to be arranged before going there, or if it can bought at the border. Better check this out. Same for transit.

Transniestria isn't as bad as some might make you believe. I spend 3 days there in 2010, without being fined. I did get a fine in Moldavia for stopping too soon (at the roadblock right before the crossing into transniestria, I stopped about 3m before the stop line to let a farmer cross the road, then drove at walking pace accross the line, which yielded me 20€ fine...).

If you go from transniestria into Ukraine, you don't get an official exit stamp, and this will be checked when returning trough Transnestria back into Moldavia.

Zimi 12 Mar 2012 23:22

Moldova Entry Visa: requirements

here is the answer, it seems that all countries from EU and shengen zone don't need visa for Moldavia. It's a good news.

naga 14 Mar 2012 23:34

Transnistria could cause some problem only if you are moving from Ukraine to Romania trough Moldavia. In such case, since Moldavia doesn’t recognize Transnistria you will have to explain to Moldavian Border police how did you get enter into Moldavia without having in your passport a Moldavian entry stamp (the one provided by Transnistria “authorities” is not valid, since is not an official Moldavian entry stamp).
On the contrary, moving from Romania, to Moldavia then Transnistria and finally Ukraine is not a big deal.

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