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m.g. 8 Jun 2010 03:39

bike rental in scotland
Hello! I'm trying to rent a motorcycle for a brief one week ride with my wife around Scotland. Can anybody suggest a rental company? My wife and I will be reaching Edinburgh next Friday, June 11 in the afternoon.....Thanks to everybody and let's meet in Viedma next December!!!

tourman 15 Jun 2010 23:15

Bike rental in Scotland
I think you can rent bikes from Cupar Motorcycles in Fife, give them a call.
01334 804089.
If they do not rent bikes now, ask them who does. hope this helps, Westcoast Motorcycles in Glasgow has H Davidsons for hire.

Enjoy Scotland


FoxBat 16 Jun 2010 08:51

If you want BMW's :thumbup1:

Welcome to rentamotorcycle, Scotland


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