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dantasse 12 Apr 2012 19:21

Best country for a US citizen to buy/sell a bike in Europe?
Hi all,
I'd like to buy a small motorcycle, ride it for 2.5 months in Eastern Europe, Germany, and the Netherlands, and sell it. I'm in Bulgaria now, where I've tried to buy a bike but I can't get it registered in my name (which makes it difficult to sell it). I'm a US citizen and resident.

I understand that you can register a bike in Germany (and maybe Italy) with "export plates" and then sell it within 3 months. Are there other countries where one can do this? Does anyone have any experience doing this in Germany? Is there any other way to do this trip?


Walkabout 13 Apr 2012 14:57

Have a look at this thread about Zoll (export) plates:-

Also, there is this more general thread about buying in Europe; I think it tends to favour Germany as a good buying location.

dantasse 19 Apr 2012 00:02

Thanks for the info, and sorry to ask something that's been asked before. I thought I'd done the research on these boards, but I missed the export plates thread.

Also, for anyone else with the same question, I was talking to Keith from Europe at 37mph who told me the same about German export plates, but also mentioned another trip he did, from Poland to Turkey, which sounds like it worked well:


In Poland, the plates stay with the vehicle (and the insurance too if there is still time remaining on the policy). So, in this case, I only paid for green card insurance to get me through the eastern countries. This registration process seemed a little strange to me, but I didn't argue - I had no problem. Whenever I went through a customs checkpoint I just gave them all the paperwork I had. In EU countries... it wasn't even a second thought.

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