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bonzo 16 May 2007 11:00

Alps - camping/B+B?
Hi,thinking of a scurry off to the Alps in June.What should I expect to find(or not)as far as budget stopover facilities go....

Matt Cartney 16 May 2007 11:18

Lots and lots of campsites in the Alps. :) Not the cheapest but a bit cheaper than B&Bs (which there are aslo a lot of). I wouldn't even bother with a guidebook, just ride till you find. Always take a good look round before you commit to staying though, some of them are sh*t'oles!

Matt :)

Walkabout 16 May 2007 11:34

Agree with Matt - it should be relatively quiet in June with lots of choice.
Also, search around on past threads in here for ideas about actual locations/camp sites that people have visited.

When you have had enough of camping you could try the cheap "Accor" type hotel chains for a wash and brush up and a bed for the night.:thumbup1:



Matt Cartney 16 May 2007 13:11

Dave makes a good point re: cheap hotels. Accor, Formule 1 etc. are all good for a bed and a shower. You'll find clusters of them near to most major motorway junctions. I'm heading down to the Pyrenees in June and while I plan to camp when I get there I'll be staying at these places on the way down. It's just easier than having to find a campsite, pitch a tent and then take it all down and pack it awa in the morning.

Formule 1s are my favourite just because they are generally the cheapest. Circa 30 euros for a room for the night if memory serves, and that's regardless of number of people.

Matt :)

Walkabout 16 May 2007 22:31

Formule 1..................
.........Good places when you are knackered and, as Matt says, can't be bothered with one night of camping; I have seen them for as little as 21 euros per night (thats per room) and the rooms take 3 people, officially (I've seen 5 in one room with two on the floor). You also get a basic breakfast in that price.

That price was last week (near Montauban in the south of France if I remember rightly!)
The prices seem to vary depending on how popular they are at the time; you don't always get in first time in the French hols period of course.

On the other hand, look out for Chambre D'otes which are B&Bs, also with excellent prices generally - need to share the price between multiple riders, as for the hotels.



shandydrinker 31 May 2007 18:26

Hiya there Bonzo.

Lucky you heading off in June, I've just returned from the Transalp meet in Austria (Hotel!), then on to the Dolomites, camping the rest of the time.

Lots of choice on campsites in The Alps but as mentioned costs can add up, budget travel lodges are ok for a cheapish shower & bed.
Another option is to find a quiet side road and camp in a clearing which is even cheaper!

Have a good trip mate, Phil

Walkabout 31 May 2007 23:57

Worth a quick read
An earlier related thread in here has some useful information about bike-friendly accommodation in Europe, with an emphasis on the Alps.



bonzo 3 Jun 2007 18:04

Thanks for the feedback,much appreciated.
Excuse my absence,F### talktalk!!!Just back on.
I've already had a dose of Alex's 'page,'good innit!
Had no joy getting a spare cdi for the VFR(got it back in May,runs a dream!)and have just found a fractured engine mounting!Out with the araldite,maybe....
Cheers,Phil!Might buzz you some time - AfTwin option,still no luggage!
Guess it's more fun to travel in hope,
thanks again,Lorenz

shandydrinker 4 Jun 2007 21:41

Lorenz, sorry to hijack the thread, but we have a meetup penciled in for this weekend in North Yorks if you fancy it.
Checkout the Meetup section or the calendar of xrv.org


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