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Jem 21 Mar 2005 14:41

Alpine passes, Switzerland-Italy
I will be going down through Switzerland to Italy in the 1st week of May and hope to get a scenic ride through the Alps into Italy, going from Basel to Maggiore. I heard that not all the passes will be open around then.

What would be a simple and easy route with nice views for me to take?

Cheers all, Jem

gordy 21 Mar 2005 22:56

When we did some passes in the Pyrenees last year one of them had a barrier across the road. Some local bikers told us it was ok to go up, and apart from having to dodge some loose rocks it was fine. I've since noticed small boxes on our maps beside the roads we were on which had 6-10 in them, or other numbers, this turned out to be the months when the passes were officially open, ie June to October for example. The maps were Michelin local. What happens to you if you get stuck out of the official open times I have no idea.

beddhist 22 Mar 2005 03:05

Gordy is right, Michelin maps (and doubtless some others) show approximate opening times for the passes. Check it out online: www.viamichelin.com

I find riding in Switzerland outside the Alps not very enjoyable: either you take motorways (buy the sticker at the border!) or you are riding almost constantly in towns and villages. Very slow. If you have lots of time and good maps try using mainly small and smallest roads. It's even slower, but I find it more agreeable. You see more, too, but you stop a lot for checking the maps.

Berner Oberland is very nice.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


Jem 22 Mar 2005 03:12

Thanks guys, I've been looking at some Michelin maps, and have one for France and some Western Switzerland, so I've seen the marks showing this, I was not sure if these are correct though, or if it was just suggested dates, with the freedom to make your own decision.

I am not going to take a long time going through Switzerland, it's really just to get to Italy, as my time is limited, but I will take it quite slowly so will avoid most motorways.

I visited the Berner Oberland as a teenager and loved it, so was considering going that way.

Thankyou. Jem

XRM 22 Mar 2005 20:08

These are a couple of sites I have used in the past for information on the passes



.. no gods .. precious few heroes.

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John Roberts 22 Mar 2005 22:29

Hi, Jem

Have a look at a couple of similar threads in the Route Planning section of the HUBB, I was going to go to the same part of the world (and still am, as I haven't been able to go as yet) and had some particularly useful replies.

Have a look at Route Planning, page2 (click on 2 at the bottom right hand side of the list of threads) and look up 'Weather Forecasts' posted by John Roberts on 5 Oct 2004 and also 'I have a dream' also by me on 3 Nov 2004.

There's good stuff there about both the weather and details of passes. I still hope to be going some time soon but can't give a date.

Bon voyage, let us know how it goes.



Jem 22 Mar 2005 23:34

Great stuff.

Thanks for the links XRM, good ones.

John, a good lead also. I must say I agree with the suggestions of riding NW Spain, I adore it there. Fantastic roads, rides and routes.

Cheers all, Jem

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