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nidstc 20 Feb 2007 09:12

advice on renting in Italy and touring Sardinia
Hi All

New to the HUBB.

Planning for March a rental in Milan (perhaps) or Geneva then trip to Sardinia.

Can anyone share experiences advice,

Greatly appreciated


ct_miller13 21 Feb 2007 22:08

A few sites to check
Don't know if you have already chose a rental outfit but here are some suggestions.

www.dhpmoto.com (David H. Park)
Bosenberg offers motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals in Europe and Alps.
Clinical Diagnostic Services - Home Page
Motorcycle And Motorbike Rental, Hire And Tours
Life in Italy
Motorcycle Tours, Motorcycle Rentals & Vacations, Motorcycling
Mototouring: motorcycle rental and tours in Italy, noleggio e viaggi in moto nel mondo
Autonoleggio e Motonoleggio a Roma, Firenze, Milano - Rent a Car and Motorcycle Rental in Rome, Florence, Milan

Some of the places listed include a helmet and touring gear in the price, some charge extra. The bike I choose came with hard panniers at no additional charge, I took my helmet and tank bag with me. The VAT tax and insurance is included in most of the prices unless otherwise noted. Most of the rental places charged a deposit between 2000 and 4500, some of those prices were in U.S. dollars, some in Euro's. I used MotoTouring with no negative comments to mention.

On a recent trip to central Italy for a wedding my girlfriend and I used Hotels, hotel reservations, from luxury to cheap hotels - venere.com to find almost all of our lodging. Before leaving we had made a list of the hotels/motels, etc. near the area we were visiting. The day we were leaving a particular area we would stop in an internet cafe and make our reservations for that nights accomodations. We tended to stay just outside of most of the cities we had visited.

I would recommend a stop in Noale and check out the Aprilia factory. The Ducati factory in Bologna was one of the highlights of our trip. If you are heading towards Bologna, a trip to Ravenna on the Adriatic coast is worth the extra drive time. Heading farther south, a night in Titignano is a must, (www.titignano.com). A medival village built in the 1100's, it covers 2000 hectares between Todi and Orvieto. All your meals are included in the price. Orvieto is well worth a visit for a day. Assissi is also a beautiful area not to far from Orvieto. Just a few suggestions, hope it helped.


nidstc 25 Feb 2007 08:02


Thanks for the info

nidstc 1 Mar 2007 03:45

anyone who can endorse a rental company in Italy?
Thanks for the above info I am wondering if anyone else can reccomend a rental outfit in Italy?

Thanks in Advance


Caminando 9 Mar 2007 07:59

Hi Nid

I wasnt there on my bike, but I found Sardinia disappointing and a bit boring. The towns were uninteresting and the countryside a bit degraded and neglected.

roysteve 19 Apr 2012 09:26


Originally Posted by nidstc (Post 128343)
Thanks for the above info I am wondering if anyone else can reccomend a rental outfit in Italy?

Thanks in Advance


Mototouring in Milan

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