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nomadb 12 Jun 2011 18:21

10th Motorcycle Festival of Turkey organised by EMOK
Hello All,
I have posted the above at below link
Motorcycle Events around the world - The HUBB

I am reposting it in the regional forums. The riders visiting our country or planning to visit would be looking here most probabily.


Dear All,
Past years I have been posting for the Motorcycle Festival organised by EMOK, Enduro Motorcycle Club.
Past years we had visitors from Greece, Uk, Germany. They all had great time. We got to meet each other.

This year the festival is organised nearby the city ESKİSEHİR. By the Musaözü lake.
On our web site you can see the different routes from different cities.
ROTALAR :: EMOK :: Enduro Motosiklet Kulübü

The dates are from 30th of June to 3rd of July. (We always do it the first weekend of July):thumbup1:

This is a camping event. You may stay in the city and commute as an option.

Every year we have motorcyle companies with test bikes. (We had Yamaha, BMW, KTM, Honda and Suzuki in the past).

There are several games to keep the riders entertained. We usually get over 1000 people joining in from all over the places. So you got to meet locals.

There will be food provided, at resonable costs, but you can break your gear if you want cook. There will be also a small market to buy basics.

There will be live bands at night and music at the day time.

The entrance fee is 20TL ( approximately 8Euros or 12USD).
Please send your questions as I will try to answer them.

So if you are around you are invited.


DL-1000, HUsky TE610

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