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Cheekster 30 Dec 2006 22:12

Yamaha XTZ750 luggage
I've looked everywhere I can think of and I can't seem to find the luggage racks for my bike - Yamaha XTZ750 Super Tenere 1989.

Does anyone know where I can find the luggage and top box rack. Yamaha must have made these for the bike when it was new and some company must have copied it or made their own as an after market part!

This is all new to me so apologies for the basic question:confused1:

All input greatly appreciated.



TenereHeikki 2 Jan 2007 13:41


Racks can be found at least from Hepco & Becker and Five Stars (JF-Motorsport). Givi has Monorack kit but with luck you can find also their Wingrack mounting kit via eBay.

In my ST I use only soft luggage so no need for bigger racks but can recommend Kahedo's Kalahari tank bag with side bags; see here: http://www.heikkil.com/supertenere/kahedo3.JPG

EDIT: German KEDO (www.kedo.com) sells H&B racks and Five Stars racks can be found from Louis (www.louis.de).

Cheekster 2 Jan 2007 20:06

Thanks mate
Thanks for the info - I will get looking.

Good looking bike you got yourself there!

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