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JoeSheffer 27 Feb 2008 14:55

Why use a top rack?
Instead of just lashing to rear section of bike (assuming you are riding solo no pillion and odnt' want to mount a box)?

I intend to have the ability to carry an extra set of treads. Any major benefits of the rack? £100 more in the fuel tank.

*Touring Ted* 5 Mar 2008 12:39

Depends on the rack..

If its just a mounting plate then dont bother buf i steel grill type rack will give you lots of bungee points and multiple mouting options for other things...

mollydog 5 Mar 2008 21:46

If you subframe is strong enough you should be OK.

AliBaba 6 Mar 2008 08:05

I usually pack my sleepingbag on the seat and use the rack for bulky, wet and smelling items I don’t want to carry in the boxes. If I have to I can also place my tent back there and use the place where I normally keep the tent to carry 10L extra petrol (front of right box).

A rack makes everything easier and it doesn’t add much to the weight.
Placing heavy items in the rear of the bike is really bad for performance and it stresses your subframe a lot. A sleepingbag is about the same weight as a bottle of water, so it’s not that bad.


IMHO it’s a PITA to carry tires and I don’t see the point in doing it for long distances unless it’s more then 10kkm between the dealer/post offices.

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