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Barry Johnson 30 Apr 2003 19:42

Where to find jerrycans in UK/Europe?
Hi all

10lt metal fuel jerrycans seem to be readily available at most army-surplus stores in the UK, but the only place I can find 5lt items is in the USA.

Also, I would prefer tough plastic items for their lighter weight but can't find these either! Anyone with any suggestions for a UK/Europe source of metal & plastic 5lt jerrycans and plastic 10lt jerrycans? Also 10ltI need the upright variety, not short squat ones.

I am planning to mount a 5lt jerry on either side of the engine of my XT, however I have concerns that this may cause overheating. Has anyone had experience with this?


3AJ Tenere

AFrear 30 Apr 2003 19:52

Hi Barry,

Couldn't find a plastic one for myself either (that i felt safe with). Daerr.de has both the 10 and 5 ltr. jerry cans avaiable online. here's a link


How are you going to put them on your XT ?

Cheers, Aubrey.

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Barry Johnson 30 Apr 2003 23:09

The plan is to mount them on home-made engine crash bars - one on either side. They'll be as far forward as the front wheel will allow to give me room to paddle the bike.

Back of fag packet calculations and scribbling on photos indicates that they will fit, however they will extend from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the engine - possibly causing overheating problems when stationary or riding in a crosswind. I'm willing to at least try it out - will post results here.

Hopefully I will have a prototype ready for the HU UK meeting in June.

Any thoughts?

3AJ Tenere

RichLees 1 May 2003 04:56

halfords, mate. £10 for a tough black 10 litre can. smaller halfords may not have them. NB they're stocked as "for diesel" being black
try http://www.halfords.com/shop/item.asp?id=307553

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POB/London 1 May 2003 06:54

Halfords to the rescue!

(and not for the first time)...



Have you used / got one of these Richard?
Does the red one keep fuel cooler?
On the same note, worth spraypainting white / silver?

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AFrear 1 May 2003 15:46

Hey there,

Found a picture from a Danish site of two plastic cans mounted on crash bars. Unfortunately you can't see them from the side so I'll write to them and ask for some more pictures.

My plan is to (also) build a holder and bolt it to the crash bars. I don't want to put them to far forward as you were saying, I think the main problem with walking the bike will be from the alu-boxes (another reason for MX boots). I'll also put some kind of lock on the holder so they can't be (easily) nicked.


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Barry Johnson 1 May 2003 19:06

Awesome, cheers AFrear. Would be very grateful indeed if you could get some pics of that bike from the side.

I've looked up some past posts, most people advocate against mounting anything beside the engine (because of overheating problems), however nobody has posted saying they've had overheating problems.

Several posts recommend mounting water/fuel on rear footrests, however as I will have a pillion for part of my trip I'm going to try mounting them under rather than over the footrests.

Grant responded to one post saying a mobile system, one that allows the weight to be moved forward or back, is best.

Bottom line is I need 10lt of extra fuel and 10lt of water - both of which need to be able to move forward or back for sandy conditions or to accommodate a pillion.

Fun and games...

3AJ Tenere

Fish 3 May 2003 02:28

Maybe you could use the small 2lt plastic petrol cans from hein gerike,a rack carrying a few of these either side would have the advantage of being more versatile to split your petrol and water.Also if you have a spill you won't puncture them all as could happen with a single can.I have two of these at present,they have rubber seals,they're very tough and come with a spout stored under the screw top.For those wanting fuel or water in their panniers they will fit into them.I'm not sure but I think they're the same ones supplied by Wunderlich and Kedo. Cheers Fish.

Barry Johnson 20 May 2003 22:37

In reply to my own post...

I've found a company in Germany that does a large range of plastic water/fuel containers (same manufacturer as canister found in link above). 2, 3, 5, 10 & 20 litre.


Still undecided as to what approach to take. 2 x 3lt containers each side of the engine would be low down and not restrict airflow to the engine, but they'd also stick out 20cm - increasing fuel consumption. I like the idea of an extra couple of litres, lightweight containers and interchangeable fuel/water (not that I would put one in the other, I mean that the same mount can be used to house either typre of fluid).

A 5lt container each side doesn't leave enough clearance for either my feet or the front wheel at full compression.

Third option is one 3lt jerry mounted either side of the engine low down, and one 3lt jerry mounted on either side of the fuel tank. However, this kind of defeats the objective of trying to get weight forward and down.


3AJ Tenere

Fish 2 Jun 2003 07:15

I would like to hear if you've found a UK supplier of the whole range and not just the 2 litre one's. Cheers

Julio 2 Jun 2003 21:24

Hi All

I strapped a 5l platic container on the back of my bike but found that with the heat and corrugations, it was not long before it started to leak from the lid due to the build up of pressure.

Anyone else had this happen?


garyfzs1000 31 Jan 2004 00:29

Called in at an army surplus the other day they have large and small cans they must be good for the army to use them the place is called Anchor Supplies, Peasehill Road, Steam Mill Lane Derbyshire DE5 3JG Tel 01773 570139/01773 570137, fax 01773 570537
they allso have alli boxes that would make panniers

Blue Sweeper 31 Jan 2004 21:16

In the UK try http://www.jerrycans.net/ very helpfull folk, don't usually sell to individuals but will make an exception!

I bought the 10ltr version from them.

Chris Smith 31 Jan 2004 23:40

Give Overland Solutions (link above) a buzz. They've got all sizes and colours at good prices too.

garyfzs1000 1 Feb 2004 19:25

try Demontweeks they have metal £17.20 10lt
£18.98 20lt they also have water cans and plastic fuel jugs with flexible nozzles

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