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iris_trui 25 Jun 2002 15:09

Used 17" rear tyres in Rawalpindi (Pakistan)
Overlanders-in-need-for-tyres, here's something. As we swapped our used tyres for the new ones we had sent to Pakistan, we sold our used ones in this place :

Kawasaki Centre
10 Kashmir Road
(near Kamran Market)

the guy to ask for is
Kashif Malik - mobile 0300 510.72.00
or his friend (don't know his name) at omer7779@hotmail.com

The tyres are two rear tyres, Mitas/Barum E-07, dual purpose type, size 130/80-17". We have ridden 13.500 kms on them, NO PUNCTURES or any other messed up parts on them, and my guess is that they can be used for another 3-5.000 kms easily. They have 2 to 3 mms left in the middle, and much more on the nobbs on the sides.

We sold them for 550 Rs a piece, but we've heard from other overlanders that the prices for used tyres of these sizes can be high. We saw a totally knackered and sliced rear Metzeler Enduro 3, bought for 25 U$ also in Pakistan.

So, voila. Hope our tyres can help someone on the road.

This address is also a good address for repair and maintenance, as these are one of the very few people riding and selling BIG bikes in Pakistan : CBR's and VFR's mainly, but also the occasional trial bike. They import them all second hand from Dubai.

Enjoy your journeys and ride safe.

Iris and Trui
2 belgian women, usually travelling on bikes (now on DR650SE's)

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