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indaba 1 Sep 2008 10:19

Tool Tube

I was at the HUMP meeting in the west of England over the weekend and someone there mentioned using a Tractor Manual Canister as a tool box. Of course, being me, I forgot to take down any details of it for further investigation. I think it was from a John Deere tractor.

Can anyone help with further information on this?


Adrian :confused1:

KTMmartin 1 Sep 2008 11:44


You probably want this link: Tool Tube - ::. UKGS'er.com .::

(I was there too:thumbup1:)

indaba 1 Sep 2008 12:04

Thanks for the info,

Which KTM were you on?

KTMmartin 1 Sep 2008 12:16

Pig chasing 640 adventure.

indaba 1 Sep 2008 13:04

Aha! Sorry I didn't wander over and say hello - was there without bike (just me the wife and a red Toyota Corolla) - must be more polite next time - will hopefully have a bike then :scooter:


RicTS 15 Sep 2008 22:02


Another possibility would be either a bum bag from Kriega or a moose front fender bag with tool roll.

Not sure where you're riding (obviously on a GS you're not tossing yourself into the local forest / peat bog) but the trouble with 'containers' is that tools rattle & bascially stuff gets trashed in the process.

All the dirt bikes you see with the 'zip pouch' on the rear, no use in reality (found out the hard way). Bum bags ride with the rider so get an easy life & they have compression straps.

Fender bags (they will fit the rear fender as well) also have compression straps to stop the contents getting trashed. Moose also do a tool roll for fitting inside the bag (as do Kriega for the bum bags).

If you want somewhere to stick the odd £20 for fuel or your happy to pack the tube with paper then that's a good alternative.


dpeward 20 Sep 2008 20:29

They were (and are being sold on EBay) - they look great! but £20 - outrageous!
Tool Tube - plastic canister with screw top Tooltube on eBay, also, Other Vehicle Parts Accs, Other Vehicle Parts Accs, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 27-Sep-08 17:14:01 BST)
This guy was selling for £12..try him!
Kitped@aol.com wrote:

Hi Dan,

I think all 60 are basically sold, I will be having a new delivery of 100 in around 6 weeks.

I'll mail you when they are in, or perhaps mail me to remind me.

Kind regards


geordie_e 20 Sep 2008 21:26

Hi Guys n Girls

Check out this link


considering they only cost $4.99 plus postage, it looks like ebay is a big rip off !!


Caminando 21 Sep 2008 10:40

If you go down to B&Q or the like, you can pick up a plastic drainpipe tube and a screw top for a lot less than the Tooltube. And choose your own diameter....

The Agri Supply thing looks much better for a sensible price.

NigelPGrace 31 Aug 2009 22:12

Tool Tube

I purchased one of these Tool Tubes at Ripley - they look just the job BUT can't find anywhere to put it on my Africa Twin.... I paid £15 for it - any offers.... Nigel

DAVSATO 1 Sep 2009 18:57

current fave places seem to be under/behind the rear rack, or in front of the bash plate (but i would have thought there would be a stone or heat problem there?

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