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kiwiron 20 Sep 2007 04:54

spare clutch/brake levers
Buy one of each original parts ,cheaper ones are crap and break just looking at them also loosen off the mounting bolts a bit so they turn when you drop it,even with handguards,ron.:cool4:

mollydog 20 Sep 2007 07:35

Some aftermarket levers are OK, just depends which ones.

Also, when you loosen your perch bolts (an ancient enduro riders trick)
Be sure to loc-tite the bolts...or they will vibrate out and be gone.


Martynbiker 20 Sep 2007 07:42

loosening levers
Or use "Nyloc" nuts on them! never vibrate loose........ worth carrying a dozen in a few sizes for stuff on your bike in the bottom of your pannier or tool roll too.....maybe if not for you, you could help another biker out of a jam.

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