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lost1 21 Jun 2000 12:10

rear Shock(ed) and oil baths
1)After going through original rear shocks like gumdrops on my 1988 Suzuki Dr 600. I am looking at the possibility of modifying another rear shock to fit. I have a 1992 xr250r shock (free) that I was just wondering if I had a custom spring put on it, would the valving take the heavy spring and weight of the heavily loaded bike. I am trying to find the (elusive) cheap alternative to buying a White Bros, or something like it.

2) why is it that no one seems to be able to find me new fork springs for my DR 600. They say that the bike is too old. Rubbish.
the originals worked well up to almost 100000 kilometers.

3)Has anyone looked into the possibility of building a fully enclosed case for the drive chain and sprockets. Maybe even a continuous oil bath. I have seen some bikes that have wrap around chain protectors, but are not capable of oil immersion. I do long trips of over 60,000 kilometers and carrying extra chains and sprockets is getting to be a pain in the ass. I built an automatic chain oiler, but that was a bit messy.

4)I have also spoken to other international riders that are grafting heavier (than 520) chain and sprockets from roadbikes onto their overland bikes. Any real advantages?

Buying a BMW is not the solution?

patmon 23 Jun 2000 23:59


MZ has a closed chainguard, maybe...
Did you tryout WP suspension (NL) for youre front springs (OO31-413-255400). They somethimes have used rear suspensions which they can adapt to youre Susie. This is a little cheaper than a new one and they even adjust it for youre bike with extra load. I could tell you a story of a friend of mine who bought a (cheap) Bilstein chockabsorber and was brought back by plane because his bike didn't cope with a hole he didn't saw.
A goed (rear)suspension is not cheap but very vital.

Patrick & Monique
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Grant Johnson 24 Jun 2000 01:37


1. >>1992 xr250r shock (free) that I was just wondering if I had a custom spring put on it, would the valving take the heavy spring and weight of the heavily loaded bike

<< I'm pretty sure you'll find that the XR250R damping is hopelessly inadequate for the job, especially if you add a much stiffer spring to it. The shock is carefully designed to provide adequate damping on compression and rebound with a particular weight and spring - you're going way outside the acceptable parameters. I think you'll end up with a pogo stick!

2. Have you tried Progressive, Works, Pettersson Pro Suspension (at http://www.ppsracing.com/) or White Power? Failing there, take your old springs to a wreckers and start comparing springs - you may end up with something very close - there can't be an infinite variety of springs, there are only so many dimensions to play with here! Progressive may even be able to match you up with something close - assuming they have a database of spring specs.

3. Fully enclosed chain is terrific, I've had experience with them on old Bultacos, BUT trying to build your own is a big job and not one I'd care to tackle. Modern chains are much more durable. Try a ScottOiler - they seem to work a treat, everybody I know of that's tried one loves it. Having built them myself in years past I'd say yours is too messy because you're using too much lube, or too light.

4. A heavier chain is just that, heavier, but not necessarily stronger. A 520 is however not a particularly big chain for a 600. I used to use a 520 on a 175!
Shouldn't be too hard to go to a 530 o-ring chain. Check your dealer.

A BMW is A solution ;-)

Good luck!

Grant Johnson

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lost1 25 Jun 2000 03:51

Thanks for your replies, I am looking in to them. I will also check the wreckers when I am in Vancouver next week. I may try to build an enclosed chain case. Know were did I put the hacksaw?

giorgioXT 6 Jul 2000 02:34

For good suspensions whitout the heavy -but justified- cost of WP or Ohlins you may try the italians "BITUBO" they have a site ..should be www.bitubo.com , I used them either on a old XT500 (16 years and they still works well!) and on a Teneré where they changed dramatically (for good!) the behaviour.

Not too many regulations ...

Mik 10 Jul 2000 20:30

A friend built a chain oiler using the injector off of a car petrol system and the bubble/airator pump end from a fish tank. Wired the injector in to the accessories live, used a big plastic washer tank with gear oil (I think) for the lube and added some tubing.

Not nessecarily better than a Scottoiler (or easier) but a lot cheaper (5 UKP) and something you could rig up anywhere with a scrapyard and a pet shop...

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