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SandiGS650 7 Mar 2004 00:09

Panniers - plastic or metal for trans Africa

I have a bmwGS650 and have the plastic panniers already. These are fab for European trips but I'm headed off over Africa. Would the plastic ones make the trip or should I be looking at getting metal boxes and new racks fitted?

Best regards

Fuzzy Duck 12 Mar 2004 21:57

Hi Sandi

I suppose it depends on the plastic? Hepco Becker now sell some very nice plastic Gobi panniers that are supposed to be as good as Aluminium.

I've just had a spill on my K75 and the plastic boxes exploded when they hit the ground.

I have Ally boxes on my GS and dropped it a few times - hardly a scratch.

Perhaps the boxes you have on your GS are tough - but I'm guessing they won't be?

Tesch Ally boxes are bullet proof! There are lots of threads about this on this website, so have a look around...

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

wallsts 13 Mar 2004 01:07

Plastic is better than metal- for the following reasons.

1. MAINLY - if you get hit by a truck, take a spill... the cases will take the impact and bounce back to the origonal shape. I met travelers with touratech cases that spent a good day or two trying to reshape the case after a minor accident.

2. plastic is less flashy than metal

I was sponsored by Givi this last year and walked away from numerous spills (including a head on with a Peruvian truck- not recommended).

The cases were bombproof, virtually waterproof and very secure despite the shady company that pondered their contents.

One suggestion, see if Dual Star makes a rack for your bike. Without a stong rack the cases are useless for protecting you in a crash.

I got some links to some website photos to help you see what i'm talkin about. Play it safe! and save yourself some work. Go with the plastics.



HONDURAS- http://www.bikerswithoutborders.org/...mall/HO115.jpg

PERU- http://www.bikerswithoutborders.org/...-small/PR1.jpg

honda6000_5 11 Nov 2004 04:23

hi sandy

go with the plastic panniers,trust me nothing will break your leg faster than a squared off ali box when you gotta stand down hard to maintain controll,only benifit i see with ali boxes is security but anyway the givi boxes are pretty secure lock well and are detachable with the monolock very handy if going into a hotel turns into hand luggage.

any ideas as to when you plan to leave on your africa trip?

best regds

the makiwa

Margus 11 Nov 2004 15:40

I dropped my BMW with the original plastic bags and they they exploded even on that small fall.

Not recommended on enduros (though GOBIs seem the only option from plastic cases if you really want the plastic ones).


mavis cruet 17 Jul 2005 05:42

metal every time. being hit by an ally pannier is the least of you worries when youre being followed by the rest of the bike. ally can be beet back to shape too. more secure.

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