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travelcrazy 28 Dec 2009 18:31

pannier size
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I'm designing my own panniers for a KLE 500. I'm in doubt about the size of them.

how big is your pannier system?

At the moment the design is 35 cm high, 41 wide and 25 deep. That is 35 liter per pannier. I travel light and have a pack roll but thinking to schrink the size of te panniers or enlarge them and ditch the pack roll.

How many liters do you guys travel with? My last trip was 25 liter tank bag and saddle bags of 20 liter a piece and a pack roll of 40 liter. 105 liter in total.

Thanks for your information!


Dodger 28 Dec 2009 20:30

That's not a bad size [ says he converting to Imperial with an aged brain ].
You have to see how close you can fit them to the bike to gain an impression about the overall FITTED width .
You might want to go a bit narrower .

Have a look at Vern and Jesse panniers ,they don't have the sharp front and bottom edges that might break your leg in a crash .
You should be able to incorporate some of their ideas .

Good luck ,it's great to see someone having a go .

oldbmw 28 Dec 2009 23:22

Build them to 'look right'. avoid sharp edges around your achilles heel.
Panniers are like sheds, you will always find enough junk to fill them.

DAVSATO 29 Dec 2009 20:29

35ltrs per side is about right for panniers, you can go bigger but dont forget a few things;

if you have space you will fill it with something you will never need, thats a scientific law

you may have to pick the bike up at some stage, so you dont want them too heavy

you dont want them too low or they will bottom out in deep ruts, possibly ripping off, buckling, or if you make them strong enough, pull the whole rack off the bike!

dont put them too close to the footpegs, and agree with oldbmw about sharp edges near your feet. if you mount them up level with the luggage rack/pillion seat its always handy to have a broad flat area to strap stuff to.

otherwise its your bike mate, use your imagination and have a great trip!:mchappy:
35ltrs is a good size, i personally like a topbox too

travelcrazy 20 Jan 2010 15:14

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Newsflash: new design

Al the parts are deliverd. I only need the aluminum (gona get it tuesday) and some square tubing and round tubing, that is no problem.

Then I can start fiddeling with tig welding alu. Done steel before but aluminum is new for me.

the rack is not a problem but quite a lot of testing and measuring. Not like the panniers in Solidworks (cad program)

What do you guys think of it? What do you think of the mounting? When in place you can secure it with a bolt from the inside.

Having fun making the design!


travelcrazy 1 Feb 2010 20:24

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And they are done! :thumbup1:

Now I can start with the pannier rack.

What do you guys think?

travelcrazy 6 Feb 2010 16:15


This is the link to the pdf file of the technical drawings.

I you want to use is, no problem but post a picture of the result :thumbup1:


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