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Mombassa 15 Jan 2003 22:44

Overland-Solutions bags and rack
I received my bags and rack from Ernie (Overland-Solutions or http://tinyurl.com/4hda) the other day and I must say I am VERY pleased with what I got. My bike is a BMW R80G/S.

The rear sub frame is a complete new one, built with heavier tubing on a jig bike Ernie bought for this purpose. He’s made an identical setup for a friend of mine.

After much talk back and forth, and lots of Ernie’s input, we got to where we wanted. A custom made rear frame, rack and pannier holders, Touratech Zega bags (35 and 41 L), indicators relocated, rack raised so that we can remove and access the panniers without removing the top luggage, everything anodized to avoid aluminum rub, a special bracket for the seat we’re using, outside locks, without protrusions inside the bags and overall sturdy construction. I’m sure I’m forgetting some things, but here’s a page on my website where you can view the result. Needles to say I am VERY happy with how it all turned out.

The neat thing is that I am in Canada and Ernie is in the UK. We did all this by phone and e-mail. It was really nice to work with him to get to this result; he knows his stuff and is very customer focused, a rarity these days.

If you want more info, contact me off-line.





kcfire 16 Jan 2003 01:53

Hey, Kevin, it looks like a motorcycle again. Good job.

A.B. 17 Jan 2003 01:50

That's a great rack......

RichLees 21 Jan 2003 00:19

Hey Kevin. Glad to hear you got your kit after we "locals" jumped the queue with our XR650Ls.

Chris Scott and his mates are in Africa, now, and I'm just back. I pretty much rode the wheels off my XRL with up to 62 litres of fuel and 15 of water plus, on one occasion a pillion and on another a 60kg stone rose. The only welding issues were original honda welds: everything Ernie had done took the beating and what a beating ...

Having got back Friday, I was over with Ernie this weekend to discuss what I want to do next. you love what he's come up with for making the inside of the Touratech's easy to live with. no more nasty rivets, bolt heads ...

I can't wait to get all the revisions on mine, ready for the next trip.

Gijs 21 Jan 2003 00:37

Hi all,

I wanted to add, that after reading the above postings, I decided to contact Ernie as well. I phoned him last week to tell about my plans (KLR650 with racks and touratech panniers to ride panamericana next year).
I had a really nice coversation, and although I live on the "mainland http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/wink.gif", he is happy to help me out.
So I am pretty confident it will all work out, also after reading your postings.


POB/London 21 Jan 2003 09:13

Can't recommend Ernie enough, tbh. Top guy and top work. I'm booked in for all my overland mods on the XT in early March.

This will comprise side and rear racks, subframe brace, new dash frame / IMO / GPS mounting, and engine bars. Can't wait.

His new workshop looks wicked.


PS > How come you're back already Rich? Problems, or was that the plan?

Mombassa 21 Jan 2003 09:20

Hi Rich,

Yeah, I guess you guys jumped the line badly ... Ernie and I started talking about this in MARCH of 2002 ... But his shop was not up and we'd be the first ones in. I guess local pressure was too much to resist. But I LOVE the end result, certainly worth the wait. The people that have seen it have kissed the ground and swear they'd found religion. Even my ever critical BMW mechanic was awed, no mean feat.



RichLees 21 Jan 2003 23:43

sorry about the line-jumping/dancing, Kevin. ;-)

we're back a little early cos Neil's bike was confined to road duties (see posts about lazer exhausts and truck batteries!) and cos Martin broke his leg on the way back to Djanet from watching the Dakar in Libya.

I think I speak for Martin and Neil when I say it was fantastic despite the setbacks. I know Martin wants to go back asap and I think Neil's pretty keen, too.

I hope to post some photos to www.jabbering.demon.co.uk next week.

neil.larsen 28 Jan 2003 15:16

Go back? -
You bet, but I'm not going anywhere without Michelin Deserts - I'm sure that they are a major contribution to a puncture-free trip.
All I have to do is figure out how to fit the nice comfy Tenere seat onto something with modern suspension, so that I can keep up with the enduro riders.

paulc 14 Mar 2003 21:27

picked my GS up from ernie last week. Very impressed with the standard of the work, real top quality kit.

mcdarbyfeast 9 Apr 2003 04:55

I'd just like to add my praise to 'Overland Solutions'. I got my GS back from Ernies today. I had new rear subframe, pannier frames, side stand, headlamp guard, custom made crash bars to cover the rocker covers, stronger catches on the 'Touratech' Panniers and a custom made dash. Ernie also did a significant amount of electrical work, both rewiring stuff I'd bodged!! and new. Every thing he's done is of the highest standard and I can't praise him enough. He's also a really nice bloke who listens to what you want and knows what he's talking about.

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