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Threewheelbonnie 20 Aug 2008 17:08

OBD readers
Looking through the Argos book (for non-UK riders it's a household goods catalogue where you collect from a shop), I see they are selling OBD readers. US car people will be well familiar with these as just about all the OEM automtive suppliers were forced to release their fault codes in about 2000 so in the US you've been able to buy these devices for years.

The question is: Has anyone tried one on a bike?

I know for example that my ex-employer (brake manufacturer WABCO) listed about half a dozen Honda bike models in the OBD "universal" tool they sold in the US. This leads me to believe a true light vehicle one might read the codes on Honda, BMW and maybe others as the engine management and brakes people won't change codes and protocols for the bike variants they supply.

If these do work, life on the road with high tech machinery suddenly looks better. Carbs are nice if you understand them and broken FI with no support is a killer, but imagine the simplicity of FI with a video cassette sized unit that tells you what's wrong and allows you to put it in limp home or reset mode. Stuff fiddling with the carb jets, I'll take the big yellow IPOD thingy and the newest bike I can lay my hands on!


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