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The Cameraman 15 Aug 2006 21:53

Need small fuse box for my bike
Hello everyone. I've posted this question on the Serow site but without much joy, so wonder if any you guys can help? I have a few low wattage powered items on my bike and rather than have 6 different feeds directly from my battery (onto inline fuses) I'd like to take a single additional feed out to a small fuse box. The box needs to have a single power in and about 4 or so power out terminals.

People have suggested Demon Tweeks but their stuff needs a feed per terminal, which would negate the benefit of the additional box.

Any of you guys come across a supplier? Perhaps marine/kit car/light aviation/whatever. I'm not bothered where it comes from as long as I can get one.

I'd even accept circuit breakers if it was a single feed in and multiples out!

Thanks in advance for any replies

Regards Reggie AKA The Cameraman

V2RJO 15 Aug 2006 23:47

I know it's a strange thought but Halfords (Halfrauds) sell these in the car audio department. You can also get them from most car accessory shops like Charlie Browns e.t.c. I have one on my KTM, 1 feed in and 4 out. Cost me less than a fiver.


password 16 Aug 2006 09:25

Hi, If you can pick up a copy of Kit Car Magazine you should find several suppliers and adverts for people who do bespoke items if required. greg

Redboots 16 Aug 2006 16:38

Nice little jobbie from NippyNormans... 29 squids but its a "propper" job.


The Cameraman 16 Aug 2006 22:05

Hi Chaps,

thanks for the replies, Halfords it is tomorrow, then to the shop for a kit car mag and a consideration for Nippy's bits! Either way I should be sorted for the weekend.


Reggie AKA The Cameraman

SwampFox 22 May 2007 03:36

Under $20
I ordered one of these today. I have my heated grips going directly to the battery, and some kid flicked the switch while I was in the grocery - I almost couldn't start my bike.

Automotive Fuse Panels From Centech


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adrianm 22 May 2007 07:46

Fuse box
Hi cameraman, you need a Centech fuse panel which can be bought from Nippy Norman see link WWW.NIPPYNORMANS.COM.

I've used the kit to run intercom, GPS, HID, Fog light, and heated clothing outlets - very pleased.


SpikeHammer 21 Jun 2007 00:01

Centech do a relay that means that the fuse panel is 'dead' when the bike is switched off. If the Serow has no ignition switch you could hide a switch somewhere.

tmotten 25 Jun 2007 03:31

I had the same problem choosing. I thought that all the option we too large. So I looked at the existing fuse box (I own a Dakar) and really liked the look of it. Mini blade fused x 8. So I just ordered that and wired it up.

You don't always need aftermarket ones. This one only cost me 16 euro I think. I needed Bosch pins though. Didn't know it wouldn't come with the pins, and they are not standards ones. There isn't such a thingin automotive electrics.


Definately hook a master relay up for all your accessories off your ignition. It's no black art.


shandydrinker 28 Jun 2007 22:38

Cheapest way is to use a conventional multi in/out fusebox but solder a piece of single strand mains cable between the terminals you wish to use.
I have 5 of the inputs joined together, fed from a switched relay and 1 permantly live from the battery.


tprata56 30 Jun 2007 01:48

Centech Fuse Panel
I thinkyou need a Centech Fuse Panel.

JavaJunkie 8 Jul 2007 07:59

Good Opportunity
Somebody with some gumption could build a nice side business creating a proper motorcycle solution.

Last year for kicks I designed and built a tiny fuse box which had 4 switched and 2 "always on" (for alarm etc) fused connections. Looked real nice, even had silkscreened PCB boards created for them. They worked really well on my 1200gs and my wife's 650gs, but we've since gotten rid of the bikes.

The main problems with the current offerings are:

1) Many of us need a mixture of "always on" and switched connections.
2) Existing solutions are usually built too large, not having motorcycles in mind. This was the primary reason I originally created my own.
3) Most existing solutions aren't water resistant, a must on a bike.
4) Most don't have a common ground lug connector; necessary to create a clean connection and keep the wire harness clean.

I figured the cost, including a custom water-resistant injection-molded housing would be about $12.00.

Feel free to buy me a beer if you get rich off of this idea :)

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