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andrewmclagan 12 Feb 2009 16:04

Need help with this question!
Hi I'm an australian that is planning on a RTW on a honda XR400. I'm in Kuala Lumpur at the moment about to buy bike in Thailand. Not really sure about how to approach the luggage situation, i have a few objectives:

*About 75L of space
*will wear a backpack to carry essentials (SLR Cam, Passport, eePC..)
*easily removable
*Secure enough to leave on bike while i wonder around, but will only store cloathes and a few other things that are not vital.

So im thinking saddle bags? but i dont want huge bags as they look silly. Wit the backpack perhaps i only need 45-50Litres of space for the bags / paniers?

thanks for any help offered.

STG06 12 Feb 2009 23:45

Backpack ? Ouch ?
I learned long ago to try to be as 'light' as possible on a motorcycle seat to avoid being driven down into the seat, which, on an XR400, ain't gonna give you much comfort anyway.

Panniers or soft bags will keep you a little more comfortable over long distances.

I use soft and a duffle/backpack, but they wouldn't be too secure if I left the bike alone for any length of time. For that locking panniers and top box would be much better.

Keep your daily stuff in a tank bag if you can.

Just some thoughts...

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