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Quincy 8 Jun 2008 20:10

Mounting aluminium Touratech pannier boxes from a KTM 640 to an R100gs
I have recently found myself a pair of touratech boxes, the problem I'm having is that they were on a KTM 640 and the mounts are set for the KTMs rack. I have an 88' R100gs and the pannier rack is different. My question is should I:

A) Remove the mounting kit from its current position on the boxes, turn the boxes around and then mount it in the correct positions for my r100gs on the other side of the box, then fill and seal the holes from the old positions. May leave a slight eye sore but provided it works that won't bother me.

B) Leave the mounting kit in its current position but chip away at the plastic mounts until it will squeeze into my pannier rack. Quite a lot of the top mounting blocks will need to be removed.

C) Sell the boxes and try to find some that are designed for the r100gs, or at least don't have them mounts already set up for another bike. Only trouble is I managed to pick these up on the cheap and I wouldn't be able to find another pair for a similar price. Money is an issue.

I should point out that I can't take the mounts off and remount them on the same side as that will create too many holes too close together and I think will seriously weaken the boxes. All replies appreciated.

jaskeane 8 Jun 2008 20:53

how about using some home made washers big enough to spread the weight over the existing holes and drill both layers.

MountainMan 8 Jun 2008 23:13

I'd sell them and look for another used set. If you drill them again on either side, they will have very little resale value after that. Even if you did get a deal on them, doesn't mean that you have to sell them for the same price. If you sell them at market value, then that market value should be the same as for another used set. The only question is if a used set exists for your bike...

Jake 9 Jun 2008 19:17

why not remove the current fittings plate over the whole back with 1.5 mm ali sheet with a ruuber type glue to seal it all sandwiched between the two layers rivet in place and set your new fixings through this. should strengthen the whole job up and cost very little to do.

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