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jqd05a 16 Aug 2011 18:15

Motorcycle rucksacks ?

Do any of you use motorcycle rucksacks for foreign trips, I notice that Kappa make a 30 litre version that gets very good reviews. I haven't heard of anyone using one apart from a trip down to the shops or maybe a weekend away in this country. Any advice on this would be greatly received.( I 'm thinking security wise having it attached to your back has to be a bonus ):thumbup1:

Cheers for any advice :clap:

wuming 16 Aug 2011 18:24

Very much a personal choice, but I don't like them. They make me feel more retricted on the bike and I find them uncomfortable over any distance. For me, a tank bag carries the important stuff and follows me off the bike.

electric_monk 16 Aug 2011 21:35

Couple of major issues with them....
1. If the base of the rucksack is not resting on the rear seat then you are carrying all the weight on your shoulders, very uncomfortable over any distance.
2. If you come off the bike while wearing one, you're more likely to do yourself more damage.

gixxer.rob 16 Aug 2011 23:04

Other than a quick trip as you say I always found them that little too small but anything bigger and its uncomfortable. Not used the Kappa model you mentioned.

*Touring Ted* 17 Aug 2011 00:22

For security ?? I don't get it !!

You can get large tank bags which double up as a tank bag...

If you're travelling very light and you want just one bag, why not just use a waterproof rucksack strapped onto the back seat.

Forget carrying anything on your shoulders for long periods of time. You will hate it in no time. It's horrible for many reasons.

jqd05a 17 Aug 2011 07:20

Thanks for the advice folks :clap: Sorry Ted doh I meant that if it's on your back as opposed to the bike it 'should ' be safer ( when you're off the bike I meant ).

houltmac 17 Aug 2011 08:34

If you were to take a rucksack I'd have to recommend the Kriega lineup. They make 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 litre options. I personally own the 15 and 25, and have used the 20 a lot previously. They are all super comfy, even over long distances. I wore my 15 litre pack around Europe for a week earlier this summer without issue, but it was mostly just to carry my laptop (very light). I also use it as a Camelbak as it has a built in water reservoir.

There are a couple of things though. Firstly, crashing means you'd likely hurt yourself more with something attached to your back as mentioned before. Also, if it's a full pack and you have a tailback of any kind you will likely find the two touch and it can force you into uncomfortable positions on the bike. Thirdly, no matter how amazing the Kriega packs are at making the weight disappear, eventually it will get to most people.

Each to their own, but I try to avoid it whenever I can for long distances.

In terms of security, I like packs I can strap to the bike so well people look at them and go "I don't get how to steal it, so it's not worth it". I've left all my stuff on my bike all over Europe and the UK (cities, countryside, all over) without issue so far.

Starbeck 17 Aug 2011 13:40

Have a look at www.kriega.com

Top quality, waterproof and modular. US10's and US20's come with straps to clip them together with and can be used as bike luggage/hand luggage. Good for carting everything about, either on or off the bike. From clothes and camping stuff to cameras and a laptop. I use it more than the Vario's on the GS12.
Soft landing for three day old bike in Kielder Forest too doh No damage to bags, bike or rider.

djorob 17 Aug 2011 23:00

I'm with the vote for Kreiga here.
A friend of mine has used one of their rucksack on a bike extensively and rates them.
I have a waist pack made by them and the thought that has gone into it is impressive.
The rucksacks fit in a slightly different way to a normal walking pack which suits motorcycling as well as walking.
I tried one briefly and it felt very comfortable on a bike.
Just a thought.
Have a look at zenoverland.com

Big Yellow Tractor 18 Aug 2011 07:36

I wear a Kreiga rucksac all the time. Carries weight really well and has just the right number of compression straps and pockets.
It's a personal thing, I don't have any trouble at all carrying quite a bit of weight on my back but one of my buddies won't even wear a little camelbac; says it's too restictive.

38thfoot 31 Aug 2011 22:32

another vote for Kriega products; I have the R20 and it is all day comfy and seemingly bombproof.


Rone 1 Sep 2011 17:52

I drove from Belgium to Cape Town at the west side and for the moment I drive back home at the east side. I have already made 32500km and I use a Camelbak HAWG NV. Never had any problems with it (even not in the many falls) and I would use the same again.


1000mph 15 Sep 2011 10:08

:thumbup1: Kriega R35. Actually I´d rate all their products as top notch!

henryuk 15 Sep 2011 14:52

I use a small backpack that holds my camelback and some snacks etc. I never had a problem with a small bag in terms of shoulders but did have a few nasty moments when I needed to stand on the pegs and found out that my rucksack straps had tied me onto my spare tyres, yanking me back down and over to one side.

Look out for spare straps flying around in the wind!

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