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AnteK 19 Mar 2004 11:13

Michelin Sirac
any quality expirience on those tyres onroad/offroad/dry/wet/durability.

simmo 19 Mar 2004 12:00

I had a pretty good run from them on my G/S. I put them on about a month before I left Australia and changed them in Kyrgystan. the front still had life left but the rear was bald in the middle. Not hot in Mud but good enough on tarmac and gravel, I think the rear had almost 20K on it when it was changed. I ran up to 45psi.

I met some Belgians who got 30k out of theirs.

cheers alec


andygray 19 Mar 2004 18:50

Hi Antek
I got 17,000 km front and rear out of siracs on a Transalp commuting to and from work, unloaded. Probably could of squeezed another 1500 out of them. They dont seem to stick aswell as gripsters or trailwings on tarmac which is most noticable in the wet.
They were cheap tho ;-)

AndyT 23 Mar 2004 05:58

I used several of these on my R100GS with good success. Got 10,000 mi. (~16,000 km) out of the rear once, but that was pushing it. I am now running Metzeler Tourance's on my KLR 650 and I think these are more confidence inspiring on asphalt, but not as good off road. The rear Tourance has 9,000 miles on it and looks to have another 3,000 left.

Andy Tiegs

XT Alan 16 Sep 2004 06:46

I'm amazed! I have an XT660R with Siracs as standard issue and they are already down to 2 mil at the centre at 3,200 miles. They'll be finished by 4,000 I reckon. I keep the pressures correct and ride pretty gently.

AnteK 16 Sep 2004 11:58

from moment I places this topic, I have done 10.000 km on Siracs and that 6000 km on Michelin T63. I can say that T63 are much, much better tire in all kind of conditions, even on asphat road, and difference out of paved roads is enormous! The only disadvantage of T63 is that tire is noisy and durability is limited to 7-8.000 km. I can recommend everyone with enduro bike to use it if somethimes ride offroad.
AnteK, XTZ 660

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