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XR Max 600 19 Feb 2003 17:43

Luggage Rack XR 600
What is the best solution for carrying soft panniers on an xr 600? I've heard that the rear sub-frame on the xr6 is a little weak, should i reinforce/brace the sub frame? if so, how is that done best?

RichLees 19 Feb 2003 23:12

"a little weak" is, indeed, the reputation, but the reality depends on mileage, load and terrain that you have in mind. my XR650L has pretty much the same frame as an XR600 and I used hard luggage c/o Ernie at www.overland-solutions.com. he reinforced the bottom and back of the "sub" frame. the pillion footrest bolt holes cracked, but otherwise it was ace and he'll be doing more work on it before I set off again.
he could just as well reinforce your frame and fit guards to stop soft luggage trying to reach the rear wheel.

XR Max 600 20 Feb 2003 22:49

Hi RichLees, Thanks for your reply!!
I heard about Ernie, in fact I am in contact with him (just for advise). The only problem is that my bike is in Germany, so Ernie doing work on it is not really an option. From your profile I can see you are in London (is that still accurate), I'm in London too (till mid March) would it be possible for me to have a look at the job Ernie did on your bike? Then I could find a welder (with a little experience) in Germany and ask him to do a similar job. Needless to say, if you cant be bothered, then that's perfectly OK. Or maybe you have detailed piccies of your motor posted on the web?


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