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yoashman 22 Aug 2008 21:23

Liquid steel???
Hey. I heard about liquid steel befor and have tried to search it but only random things come up. Im sure I have seen it used befor (tv) on an engine that had cracked and started spewing oil, they put the stuff on, it dried, got to the next garage (some many miles away!) and got the bike sorted properly. What is this stuff? Do I have the correct name? Or have I been dreaming too much??? Cheers!

yoashman 22 Aug 2008 22:06

Its ok i found it!!!! Abrosteel Epoxy Repair Stick - Quicksteel Equivalent

Let me know if you know of any better stuff.


DLbiten 24 Aug 2008 03:36

Its an epoxy putty tuff stuff. Will patch almost any thing that is rigid. waterproof and will even harden underwater (but wont stick to a wet serface well) I have some in my tool kit near the duck tape and zip ties. Get some will patch up your bike or kit.

Can be found under many names and many places in the US. from hardware stores to gas stations and even boating shops.

kevinhancock750 8 Sep 2008 09:39

go to any motor factors and ask for chemical metal as it's usually known in britain. you might find it in halfords as well.

Cabel 9 Sep 2008 01:29


Originally Posted by mollydog (Post 203513)
There are a couple different types.

QUIK STEEL is a two part putty. QICK Aluminum too.
This is mainly good for fixing a hole in a engine case,
or a BMW rocker cover.

JB WELD make a great two part liquid Epoxy that is the best I've
used. This stuff is magic, much better than original JB Weld.

Quick curing, strong as Hell, adheres really well, easy to work with.

Patrick :mchappy:

JB Weld is the stuff to get. I punched a hole in the bottom of my 4x4's fuel tank in the middle of nowhere and it saved the day - rubbed a bit of bar soap in the hole to coagulate the petrol then slapped the JB Weld over it and smoothed it over the hole. Two years later and it's still holding. :clap:


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