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The Cameraman 18 Jan 2006 00:25

Lightweight sidecar?
Hi Everyone,

I'm planning to use my XT250 Serow to explore the Pico's mountains this year and would appreciate any thoughts on the supply and use of a lightweight trial type sidecar!

OK I know it's only a little bike but I reckon it would be an ideal subject to attach a sidecar to. In addition it would make the carriage of light luggage a doddle.

I'll be riding alone, so the load would be reasonable.

So can anyone point me in the right direction?


Reggie AKA The Cameraman

Bernard 18 Apr 2006 10:05

Lightweight sidecar
Hi Reggie

I know it's along time since you posted this but it's exactly what I am planning. The only difference is that I intend to use a 600 Tenere.
Did you get sorted out? How did it go?

Wheelie 18 Apr 2006 17:59

The scooter in my profile picture has a 177cc tuning kit. It is an old scoot, with probably about 12HP... I have no idea.

Although I find the sidecar great fun on special occations, it is only for nostalgic reasons. In terms of carrying loads, I would rather carry less and still be on two wheels, or stack it as high as I could.

A sidecar will reduce both handling and performance, in adition to increase fuel consumption. They take away the great feeling of leaning into a bend, and if you are not used to having it there, snagging it on something is really easy. Another major reason for not bringing one, say forever good bye to lane splitting. When cars are stuck in traffic jams, so are you. Then there is parking. Then there is three tyres prone to punctures instead of just two, etc.

If the only thing you are wondering is wether or not the small engine will be able to take you there. It probably will, but going up hills may be real slow. Since you are now a slower and wider object, you are also much more prone to get involved in an accicent from other vehicles trying to pass you. In some places this often plays out as follows: The drunk sleep deprivated unlicensed truck driver trying to pass you, fondles his prayer beeds hanging from the rear view mirror of his 60km/h top speed tempremental vintage unimog with worn tyres and brakes and with a top heavy over load of chicken cages and building materials, praying to one of his many gods to see him through as if his only control of faith is through the prayer beeds instead of the controls of the truck, trying to squeese between you and a road side noodle stand and the oncoming bus on the wrong side of the potholed muddy untarred road, in the hair pin on top of the crest, in the dark, with no lights, with crossing domesticated animals and children, and a 100 ft cliff to one side, lacking a guard rail... the end of the story being dependant on the speed, width and agility of your ride. The story was a bit exaggerated (only a bit compared to some places), but you catch my drift.

Still, a side car could be a great experience. I'll be riding a classic 200cc Vespa for my Africa trip this summer, but the side car stays at home.

indu 18 Apr 2006 21:04

Sidecars are great, and fun to ride too even if it is a somewhat different feeling compared to two wheels. Check out these. Might give you a couple of ideas.


This is a Zuki DRZ 400 with a modified Ural sidecar to suit:


I'm sure you'll manage with your bike too if you watch the weight of the sidecar. I'm planning on using my Ural sidecar on a F650...

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