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zaplaje 11 Mar 2008 20:06

is this tire good for me?
hi, in 3 weeks I 'll leave my home here in Chile riding my klr250 to USA. the only thing I must buy is a pair of tires. I read a lot about tires and I thing that the twinduros are the one for me, because I'll like to ride the more dirt I can, 60/40 I think.

so, here in chile nobody have those tires, I try to find it but with out any results. I just find a rear tire, but I think is a older version, because I have an twinduro on my bike noy and doesn't like the one I find.

I took a picture with my cellphone, please tell me if this tire is good for me or not.

I can't find a front tire, my options are:


thanks for your help!

zaplaje 11 Mar 2008 20:13

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sorry, here is the photo

Flyingdoctor 12 Mar 2008 00:58

I shouldn't get hung up over tyres. Buy what looks ok at the best price, they'll be worn out in no time anyway. When they next wear out you may not even have a choice anyway. If you're going all that way and there's a lot of pavement or hard dirt roads get road biased tyres they'll last longer. If you're going to be on a lot of mud you'll need a really open tread knobbly. The best solution is to carry a set for off-road and swap them when you need to. No tyre will do it all. Just fit the toughest tubes you can find and go.

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