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Hindu1936 5 May 2007 11:35

Grant's Rubber Stamp? What is it?
In Grant's recommended items, he listed a rubber stamp. A rubber stamp for an address I can understand due to the number of times a person has to fill in forms at border crossings, but is that what it is for and how many riders have one? Everything, including the cruise control for the long hauls is finally waiting in Oregon for us to arrive and put the stuff on the bike. Vaccinations begin in two months. all the gear that we think we need is ready. But the rubber stamp? I don't want to get something that is not what was suggested. any help out there?


Grant Johnson 21 May 2007 10:19

A rubber stamp - you can buy a kit that allows you to make your own rubber stamps up saying whatever you like. :)

Or you can also carve a flashy one out of a potato - works very well!

You won't need either in most parts of the world if all your paperwork is well in order, it's only when you're going to the much less-travelled places, or if you have dodgy paperwork, you might need to "assist" the paperwork along.

I'd suggest not carrying anything but a good sharp knife and a potato! ;)

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