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simonandmags 15 Jan 2004 20:13

Givi panniers v aluminium panniers
We are planning a UK to Oz trip for later this year on my KTM 950. I already have a set of givi injection moulded plastic panniers from previous bikes, and am loath to by a set of aluminium panniers as well.
I intend to mount the panniers on a steel frame instead of the fragile givi cast ones, but do you think the panniers themselves will be strong enough?

Your comments would be appreciated.


Mick O'Malley 16 Jan 2004 21:08


If you decide to go for aluminium panniers, before deciding which to buy, have a look in www.ukgser.com/forums and have a look at Vern's product in "Innovators & Vendors". I have a set of these, bought second hand complete with rack, and they are pretty much bomb proof (I've crash tested them quite a few times here in S. America already).

He would also be able to fabricate a rack for your plastic panniers. He's only in Worcester.

Usual disclaimer.


wallsts 13 Mar 2004 01:09

Plastic is better than metal- for the following reasons.

1. MAINLY - if you get hit by a truck, take a spill... the cases will take the impact and bounce back to the origonal shape. I met travelers with touratech cases that spent a good day or two trying to reshape the case after a minor accident.

2. plastic is less flashy than metal

I was sponsored by Givi this last year and walked away from numerous spills (including a head on with a Peruvian truck- not recommended).

The cases were bombproof, virtually waterproof and very secure despite the shady company that pondered their contents.

One suggestion, see if Dual Star makes a rack for your bike. Without a stong rack the cases are useless for protecting you in a crash.

I got some links to some website photos to help you see what i'm talkin about. Play it safe! and save yourself some work. Go with the plastics.



HONDURAS- http://www.bikerswithoutborders.org/...mall/HO115.jpg

PERU- http://www.bikerswithoutborders.org/...-small/PR1.jpg

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