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Rich K 2 Sep 2000 09:15

Fuel range
I am wondering what kind of fuel range I would need for a long tour in all parts of Europe and Asia, and possibly Africa. At the moment, I can get 200 miles loaded up out of the main tank, probably another 40 miles on reserve. Do I need more than this? I'm also thinking that more fuel range gives you the option NOT to fill up if you think the gas is suspect ie rusty 44 gallon drum, and wait till the next town. My planned add-ons would give me another 100 miles conservatively. Is it worth it?

Grant Johnson 4 Sep 2000 00:15


I think you'll find that 200 miles is plenty for Europe, a little short for Asia.

A lot depends on your route, especially Africa. There are routes where 200 miles is fine, routes where 500 miles is dodgy.

If you can do 300 miles you're fine, no problem 99.9% of the time, just keep in mind that you can always use a plastic jug bungied onto the bike somewhere to carry some extra fuel in for a stretch. If fuel is scarce on a route there will normally be lots of warning at the last stop, and they will have containers for spare fuel for sale.

What are you riding anyway? Lots of bikes have large tanks available.

Grant Johnson

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Fletch 12 Sep 2006 08:10

Hi Rich :biggrin3:

I'm pondering the same question myself... (Off RTW Summer Next year)...

I think Ive decided on attaching 2x10Ltr Jerrys to the Front Crash Bars... (No Idea how yet though... But I might be able to do something with this... http://www.mattsavage.com/acatalog/Jerry_Cans.html Bottom of Page )

Then its just a question 'To Fill or Not to Fill'... And considerably cheaper than the custom 'Big Tank' option... (Which after a lick of paint has got to be a 4 figure sum if u can't acquire one second hand off sleaze-bay or alike)...

Ciao Ciao

davidmc 12 Sep 2006 19:04

Certainly for Europe 200 miles will be fine. For Asia on the route we took through Central Asia, Pakistan, India, SE Asia and Australia, 200 miles was plenty, except for one stretch in Turkmenistan. We used a jerry can on this stretch to get us through.

If you are getting off the beaten track in Australia, 200 miles will be a bit short, 300 miles would be better if you are taking some of the gravel/dirt tracks. Otherwise, an extra large tank is a big waste of money and excess weight, IMO.

I can't comment on Africa or the route across Asia via Siberia and Mongolia.

pajaro 18 Feb 2008 13:27

Acerbis 23 L fuel tank for XT 600 for sale.
After finishing my Australia / S. America trip, I am selling my Acerbis 23 L tank. It's black color, double petcock, and it's in Colombia.
23 litres was always enough for me, and I did get off the beaten path, big time. I was getting 400-450K on a full tank, on an XT 600 year 2000.

As a test, I ran the bike until the tank was dry. I got 500 km (310 miles) out of it, on the dot.

It's got a few scratches on it but it's working great and I sell it for half of what it’s worth new, plus shipping to wherever you live.



juddadredd 13 Mar 2008 21:15

Hi Rich,

I'm planning on 300 miles, I can't afford anymore weight then that on my little F650GS Dakar, and for the rusty fuel senario you want a Mr. Funnel it cleans out all the crub and water vapour from the fuel...

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