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oldsomeman 27 Nov 2008 23:39

driving.spot lights
i have 2 queries..........can anyone point me to road regs for spot lights mounted on a motorbike/Burgman scooter please.
More important..which lights are best?
I need smallish spot lights to mount near the front forks of my Burgman.....gone are the days of the crash bars of the Mod's period.LOL
What have folks used and what do they recommend?

LukasM 1 Dec 2008 00:44

Check out the Hella Micro DE's, they are the same ones that Touratech uses in their fog light kit and rebrands as their own. Of course much more €€€€s.

If you want to get fancy you could get a cheap Chinese HID conversion kit for them, around $70 or so for a complete kit.

Gecko 1 Dec 2008 12:39

Yup :thumbup1: Micro DE from hella are good . If your budget is 'limited' look at the FF50 also from Hella . Not as compact but also good if you have space to mount them. They have 2 versions - 1 for driving light and 1 fog/mist lamp. Make sure you buy the right ones.

maxwell123455 9 Dec 2008 21:36

I put a set of extra lights on my old honda deauville (ring angel eyes) and asked the guy at the MOT centre about what the law said, and basically he replyed with, if the extra lights dont come on with the main lights then they are classed as fog lights and they cant test them for being too high/low as you are not suppose to test fog lights!!!!.

But i would say as long as they are not blinding people ie so no one reports you, you should be ok.

colebatch 11 Feb 2009 14:00

Did you want "spot lights" or "fog lights" ? Cause they are two very different animals.

A fog light has a dispersed beam, usually with a sharp cut off to keep the light low, for illuminating near and to the sides of the bike. They can be used as "always on" lights for extra visibility as the beam cutoff is at or below the cutoff of the low beam.

A spot light is, as the name suggest, used to sending a spot beam as far into the distance as possible. They work in conjunction with the high beam.

For driving in fog or for extra visibility, fog lights are what you need
For illuminating the road far ahead on dark, quiet country roads, spot lights are what you need.

Note, that with Hella Micro DEs, the halogen lights are ONLY available in fog beam pattern. If you want spot lights in the Micro DE, you need to get the factory HID DEs - and they cost proper money. If you dont get those, then you will find the standard Micro DEs really do not add much extra "driving" light at all - thats not what they were designed to do. They are just fog lights

Warthog 11 Feb 2009 14:36

Not wired in yet so no first hand experience, but I have just bought a single Hella Rallye 1000FF (non xenon). It runs a H1 bulb. Online range comparison photos on a illumination range show that it has both range and spread.

Reasonable price too.

oldsomeman 8 Mar 2009 00:05

does the distance apart make any didtance. or the height mounted.......other than as to whether they are spot or fog lights/
I had hoped for improved driving light when say cruising in dips......the fogs i assume would not help much in this area?
shame i cant mount my old set of wipac hair raisers on ...there big...but a bit to big for a scooter! lol 55 watts of light and beam that can be seen for a distance..
i believe that in th UK you must use the spot on the outside of the bike and the fog on the inside if using only one each..or has this changed?
Would such a set be illegal in say Europe?

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