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raisola 6 Jul 2007 05:45

Custom Pannier racks - help
Folks I am in India currently and trying to get custom pannier racks made. what is a light weight, tough material with which i can get the racks made (including a carrier - top box). I have looked at the stainless steel stuff they make in delhi but they are too clumsy. Any help appreciated

Dodger 6 Jul 2007 07:02

Mild steel square tubing will do the trick.
Square so that it's quick and easy to work with , Mild steel so that any mods or repairs can be done anywhere you can find a guy with a welder .
Slap some paint on it and you are away !

Unless of course you require "posh" or "trendy" .

modre 8 Jul 2007 13:48

second that...mild steel is the universal language.

aluminum or stainless in an area where your crochettish butt flirts and you'll be beaten by the Ugly Stick from dusk to dawn.


I have a couple months on this set-up now, and the universal military-style racks are absolutely killer...you have instant carry flexibility when the cases are off...and case size is only limited by your imagination...you could strap 600# on it if you were a sadist...tires...firewood... maidens held for ransom...

romeo one 9 Jul 2007 10:34

I made a set for my @ out of 16mm M/S tube the pictures of them are on the xrv.org.uk web site ,go into the picture gallery and search for pannier racks,hope this helps.

dunkee 10 Sep 2007 06:32

raisola probably has his own steel tube masterpiece by now. click HERE for photos of mine

these metal boxes (and the rack) were custom-made for less than $300USD while i was teaching english in Colombia.

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