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Chris Scott 5 Jul 2012 13:05

32-litre Peli clones going cheap (UK)
Saw these the other day at Maplins
High Impact Case (Large) : Flight & Rugged Cases : Maplin Electronics
on special for 40 quid

Same as a Peli Storm 2500 but a third or more of the price. Lighter too.

estebangc 9 Jul 2012 22:15

Nice info. Thanks, Chris.

BTW, if (as me) anyone has thought "wow, at that price I might even get one", although you still don't know if you would fit it to the bike or what usage you would give it... then it's a good time to ask: "did I get caught in the cheapish consumerism spiral?????" :innocent: A definitive sign is to scrutiny Aldi/Lidl brochures, then you definitely got trapped! doh


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