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ultracarve27 21 Jan 2006 04:10

width of desert on 640 adventurer
I'm looking to place the widest that the 2002 640 will take on the rear, any idea's?
anyone have a cheap supplier in the UK? cheapest found are 180 pond front and rear.

hyawj 23 Jan 2006 18:34


I have a '04 LC4 Enduro. It's the same frame and engine as the '04 640 Adventure. I'm not completely sure that the swingarm is the same on the '02 model, but if it is then the 140 section Michelin Desert will fit without any problems, 'coz it worked well on my bike.

Also, I ordered mine from the local National Tyres depot. The place that you associate with car tyres also does a good deal on bike tyres.


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