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Old 27 Nov 2006
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Whats your favorite watch

I,ve always been very interested in watches. Got quiet a few. Some cheap some expensive. I really love my watches. Most of my adventure travels are in Africa. In order not to become to much of a temptation for a weak soul, I always use a cheap Timex Ironmaster. Cost ca $50 and dosent look very impressive or expensive. Neither does it have any interesting features except telling the time.

So..... I know the general answer to my question.... cheap is best, dress down, why do you want to know what time it is when you are on an adventure etc..

Besides from this..... what is your favorite?
What kind of watch do you prefer or would you prefer?
Does it have any exiting features?

My favorite is Breitling Emergency :-)
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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by Dizzie
So..... I know the general answer to my question.... cheap is best, dress down, why do you want to know what time it is when you are on an adventure etc..
I'm somewhat clumbsy & watches dont last long with me, if 'Tonka' made an indestructible one I'd give it a try.

So when I'm travelling.....
- when you go to sleep and the sun is coming up, its 'obscene-o-clock'
- when you wake up and its still dark, its 'stupid-o-clock'
- when the bike is parked for the night, its '-o-clock'

By my reckoning its -o-clock so I'm off to the pub - the Turtles Head in Quito ;-)
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Old 28 Nov 2006
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On the one display - without pressing buttons-
Date - including the month. On long trips you can lose touch.

Buttons must be recessed so they are less likely to be activated by wrist movements.

Water resistant - at least shower proof.

Presently - Casio ? F58? misses on the month display. Retails hese less than $70aud. On the back it says W57, made in Maliasa. It is many years old .. think the battery is going flat .. might get a new one .. or simply wait for it to fail and buy one then.
Regards Frank Warner
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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Which watch is which?

I have a Casio F-105 illuminator. It has time day, week and date. It also has a plastic band that doesn't conduct electricity(did I ever tell you about the leaking Guzzi gas line and bare wires watch band almost inferno?) It has enough illumination that it shines enough on a really dark night to perform needed repairs. It also is only US $15.00 in the discount stores here.
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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Tissot T-Touch Titanium

Had it for about three years now, best watch I've ever had. Tells the time quite nicely, date, alarm etc. It also packs in a stopwatch, altimeter, air pressure gauge, temperature (take it off your arm for an accurate reading) and the most useful bit I've found... a compass. Surprisingly accurate too.

No buttons to worry about accidentally activating either, it's all touch sensitive on the face of the watch.

To top it all off I've not had to change the battery yet, it's waterproof and damn sturdy to boot. It's been bashed into rocks, kayaks and many other hard things, taken for impromptu swims without even flinching.

Only problem is it could do with better night-time illumination, something other than the current glow-in-the-dark numerals really.

A bit pricey, but it's probably the only watch I'll ever own.
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Old 28 Nov 2006
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With you here Dizzi, I love a good watch...

Always been a bit of a 'Tag' fan myself... I know, well overpriced, but I wear one everyday and no matter what I do, Bike maint, anything, I still haven't found a way to break or scratch them!

But... If your out and about doing a bit of hardcore adventuring a Suunto has to be hard to beat... (I know, no GPS in it but hey ;o) )


Go on... You know you want one
Ciao Ciao

“Life is not about how Fast you ride, or how Far you travel, but about how well you Bounce. ” ;o)

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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Thumbs up Suunto

I'm with Fletch on this one- discreet and does the job well-
Just remember to calibrate the compass.......
Tag is super but too pricey

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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by bert333
I'm with Fletch on this one
Me too. Suunto X6. Only complaint is the weedy night illumination.
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Old 28 Nov 2006
Riq Riq is online now
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I personally use a citizen eco-drive perpetual calendar model. Never worry about the battery going flat. Not flashy and with the titanium case and strap it is absolutley non descript.

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Old 28 Nov 2006
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Smile Timex Expedition

While I also like watches, for travelling I go the Timex route. Two key functions that a traveller's watch needs are: dual time zones (for when you phone home) and a good loud alarm that'll get you out of bed at 3:30 AM to catch that stupid ferry. The Timex provides that and is durable to boot. As a bonus, the customer service is also very good. The strap on my Expedition had worn out (worn every day for a year while travelling and then on and off while at home) and my local repair shop couldn't get a new strap. So I sent it to Timex Canada to have a new strap installed. When I got the watch back I thought it looked awfully new and sure enough the stickers were still on the back!

Those who like the Suunto watches might consider getting them at the Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada though. The Observer mentioned above (but with a Stainless Steel case instead of Titanium) is only $330 Canadian. The Vector has a similar function set to the Observer (altimeter, barometer, temperature, compass) and sells for $220 Canadian. Check it out here:

Ekke Kok

'84 R100RT 141,000 km (Dad's!)
'89 R100GS 250,000 km (and ready for another continent)
'07 R1200GS Adventure 100,000 km (just finished Circumnavigating Asia)

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Old 29 Nov 2006
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My wife uses a Suunto X6 and I have to say that the altimeter, barometer and compass are very innacurate - even with fairly regular calibrations (that I have to do! )

I also find the way the pages and inputs work, slow and non intuative

- my Casio Protrek PRG 40 (3 years old) on the other hand costs a third as much and is a lot more accurate, Im not joking - the altimeter is much more accurate, as is the barometer - they need calibrating less, the compass is bang on and the thermometer is good.

(I normally carry a GPS 60cs in the Mountains and calibrate it and the watches regularly from Environment Canada Data)

The Suunto was the watch I wanted - but Im happier with the Casio - and as mentioned a dark colour casio doesnt get 'flash shiny gear' looks when you are on the road


'09 Suzuki DR650
'00 Discovery Series 2 V8
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Old 29 Nov 2006
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I usually use a Timex watch. As said above, one that has the capabiity to enter different time zones and has a decent alarm on it. Something that can take a dunk in the water is a must. I also carry a spare in my tank bag and a spare battery. I have used the Timex Expedition for years. I also use a Suunto with altimeter when climbing. I prefer the analog display to the digital display. www.campmor.com usually has a decent collection of Timex and Casio watches at discount prices. Also, for what it's worth, for analog watches, if you point the hour hand towards the sun, while keeping it somewhat level, then follow the numerals clockwise towards the twelve o'clock position, halfway between these two positions will point south. If your watch is set for daylight savings time, use the one o'clock position instead of the twelve o'clock position.

Last edited by ct_miller13; 30 Nov 2006 at 21:40.
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Old 29 Nov 2006
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Another vote for the humble timex expedition
I have worn mine for 7 years, probably on the 4th strap now ( visa sport velcro cheapie)

very accurate and easy to read in the dark with the indiglo face

and still on the original battery
Laromo \ '02 KTM 300 EXC "Jake"
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Old 29 Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by Happy Hacker
I'm somewhat clumbsy & watches dont last long with me, if 'Tonka' made an indestructible one I'd give it a try.

So when I'm travelling.....
- when you go to sleep and the sun is coming up, its 'obscene-o-clock'
- when you wake up and its still dark, its 'stupid-o-clock'
- when the bike is parked for the night, its '-o-clock'

By my reckoning its -o-clock so I'm off to the pub - the Turtles Head in Quito ;-)
I totally agree. I've been using that kind for about 18 months now, since I retired.
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Old 3 Dec 2006
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Casio DW5600

The original and the best Casio G-shock, before they went all trendy. I've had one of these for years and it refuses to stop working. I used to wear it caving on a regular basis and although it looks pretty scruffy it still keeps perfect time, and is still on it's original strap.

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