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edorr 29 Aug 2005 09:26

What's wrong with material bags?
I want to know the biggest differences between using hard luggage and soft luggage. Is it possible to get water proof pannier bags or is it a question of bin-bagging them? I'm off to Africa for 6 months, travelling light how many litres of baggage would you recommend I take on my tenere?

Matt Cartney 29 Aug 2005 20:47

There's a fair amount of chat on this forum about luggage. Do a search under 'soft luggage' or 'panniers'.
I've looked into soft luggage and found two brands that do fully waterproof soft luggage. 'Andy Strapz' and 'Ortlieb'. They both look pretty good. A google search should find dealerrs in the UK.

Ian 30 Aug 2005 03:34

I've twice used the same set of Ortlieb panniers on lengthy trips to Africa, one of which was quite off-tarmac oriented. I've since given the bags to a skint friend of mine and as far as I know they're still in use.

They were the 'throwover' type with the two bags joined together by means of velcro straps. They do encourage you to travel light and on my second trip these were my sole baggage apart from a medium sized Camelbak (H.A.W.G), a rally engine guard and extra fuel tanks.

I used them without a rack but I did have side tanks fitted. The tanks are now sold so now I have the problem of coming up with some means of stopping the bags from pressing the bike's plastic side panel on to the silencer. I'm working on this and will report back after testing.

I really rate the Ortlieb bags - in my experience they can take a pounding and I'll almost certainly be buying some more.

thecanoeguy 31 Aug 2005 03:59

i am using soft panniers at the moment they are cargo endurance and they are rubbish ,i have not been doing that much off road but they have split in quite a few places ,one zipper has given up, the plastic rain covers i got with it blew apart in no time ,the security factor is worse as you always worry about some prat nicking them when your having a look around a town ,i will be going aluminium next time for sure and hang the extra cost it is worth it

DAVSATO 3 Sep 2005 15:36

hi, im a sportbike/road only kind of tourer so i cant really comment on africa, but for a few years ive toured europe with a 96litre ortleib dry bag bungeed onto the back of the bike. this was plenty big enough, took everything easily, was always waterproof and never came off the bike or let me down in any way. i can say that ortleib kit is excellent, i bought it in a kayaking store.
the trouble was it got to be a pain with everything in one bag and to get anything out i had to take the whole bag off, etc.... i have since got a set of hard luggage and its much simpler.


skip 4 Sep 2005 00:36

After a couple of fires coursed by the heat from the silencer,i fitted ally boxs on my Tenere,i got the boxs secound hand and made my own frame to fit the Tenere, they are a little on the heavy side but they are waterproof and very secure. It gives you piece of mind knowing you can leave your bike some where, with out some one cutting open your bags and taking your gear and i've yet to have a box catch fire.but on the other hand soft luggage is lighter.....
Hope this was of help Skip

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