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Ian Robinson 8 Feb 2010 14:03

Tyre choice for transalp to morocco
Can anyone give me some advice on the above we are heading down to morocco in april at the moment I am running a pair of continental TKc 80s and the rear trye wear has limited mileage.We intend to be on and off road
I have heard of the (I think its pronounced) Hidenau range, would the rear be compatable with a front TKC 80 hopefully this would give me more mileage.

Thanks for any advice


buebo 8 Feb 2010 15:28

I've just mounted a set of Heidenau K60's and one thing to be aware of is that they are more street oriented than the TKC 80. If you're planning to ride down to Morocco I'd recommend them although I obviously can't say anything about mileage yet.

However if you're planning to tackle serious dirt (more then say dirt/gravel roads) the Heidenau's might be a bit out of their depth.

How about sorting out a set of (say) MT21's (or other true dual purpose tires) in Spain beforehand, have them mounted there use them for Morocco and switch back after you trashed the live out of them. You might need to change down there anyway if you ride all the way. Highway miles will seriously wear down any knobby tire.

If you do really want tires that'll last as long as possible, check out the Mefo Explorer or Superexplorer, but you'll probably pay it with a slightly wooden feeling and decreased grip especially when wet.

Life is full of compromises :)

buebo 8 Feb 2010 15:34

Just realised you're going on a Transalp. For anything you're reasonably going to do an a Transalp the Heidenau's should be fine me thinks. However York to Malaga is still about 1700 miles, times 2 it's 3400 miles, most of that on the highway and you'll use up a back tire for sure I'd say.

I'd sort me something out somewhere in Spain if I were you, but then again it depends on your style of riding and the roads, trails and dunes you want to tackle...

stuxtttr 13 Feb 2010 02:04

I used a pair of cheng shins they are now maxxis c6006's i think they got me to morocco and back no worries but i was on a smaller 250 so it was probably a bit easier on the rear.

any decent dual purpose tyre should do that trip without to many issues.

Maybe look at dunlops raid tyre as they are made for the piste but possibly too much so for lots of road miles down there.

The one thing you should hopefully not have to worry about is lots of mud.:scooter:

Titbird 14 Feb 2010 09:32

I will use a TKC front and tourance rear next time, good for at least 8000 miles.
TKC or MT21 rear will only last 3500 miles. Good option is to take a rear tyre with you and change it as you go on the piste, should last all the way back to home then.:scooter:

Ian Robinson 19 Feb 2010 08:59

thanks everone for the advice I will use that help

djorob 19 Feb 2010 10:35

Used Heidenau K60's on a GS12 on a morocco trip a while back.
Found them fine in most situations with v good wear rates.
Rode with a guy on an AT wih Tkc's on and they were no better or worse.
Did 5.5k miles and the rear was just coming up to half worn.
Get's a tick in the box from me.

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