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eeyore 14 Aug 2012 10:33

Ttr600 stuff review
I bought a TTR600RE in winter to take to the Stella Alpina this year and wherever in years to come. It already had a CRD bashplate. I bought an Acerbis tank from Racespec (best price), pannier rack from 'offtheroad' and panniers from 'Ardcases'. First off the bashplate is excellent but needs the 8mm conversion on the rear bolts (one day), tank does exactly what it says on the tin but I purchased 2 x metal petrol taps from Dave Lambeth (standard kit is 1 x plastic tap only) the petrol cap is a big improvement over acerbis kit of yore. There were no leaks and the plastic appears to be better quality these days, fitting was a doddle. The pannier rack is very strong but a bit of a bugger to fit. Also, I found that my panniers didn't fit flush due to the tubular brackets fitted to the rack as standard (presumably to fit 'offtheroad' panniers) - so I had these ground off and rewelded. More pannier rack woe ensued as the 'Ardcases' were fitted up. The left hand rack is a very, very close fit to the side panel. Consequently, the pannier brackets (pucks) didn't fit properly - bespoke fittings were discussed and supplied FOC by 'Ardcases' - excellent service, nothing too much trouble. Due to the size of the pannier frame profile the bracing plate supplied with the panniers was a little undersize (I was running out of time by then) so I had a larger pair made up locally. Finally the 'offtheroad' rack was fitted - I had some stainless spacers made up as the original aluminium ones looked weak. Finally, I'd just like to mention that the bikes wheels were dented from a previous life as a trail bike - these were straightened and welded to a high standard by Dean at DT Metallic Technology (Metal Design and Repair Work | Stoke-on-Trent | DT Metallic Technology). Dean also did the cutting, welding etc for me. He's a very nice bloke and nothing was too much trouble for him. That's it in a nutshell.

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