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Pumbaa 5 Jan 2008 12:12

Steripen water purifier
We just recently bought the Steripen water purifier. Has anyone used them before? The reviews I've read have been very good so far. It was a bit pricey, but I think definitely worth the invesment. We paid AU$175 on sale here in Oz

Steripen Products


BackroadExplorer 5 Jan 2008 15:53

I recently purchased a steripen but have not yet used it.

As you noted, very pricey but compact and quick.My wife and I leave next week for 3 months riding around Mexico, Belize & Guatemala. We travel mainly dirt/backroads and avoid resorts, etc. as much as possible.

My wife was pretty insistant that we carry something even though everyone I have talked to that have done similar trips tells me they never needed to use their water purification equipment/tablets/etc.

I have some backgroud in municipal water/wastewater treatment and know that ultraviolet sterilization is effective. Is this product effective? I expect it is.

If we do need it and find it does not work I will send out a post from the john.

Redboots 5 Jan 2008 21:19

On a recent overland to India, we had no trouble getting bottled water (sealed).
We to a Katadyn unit with us and it stayed at the bottom of the panniers for the whole trip.

These life straws were of much more use. Used them for drinking water from unknown sources in eating places, teeth cleaning etc.
We had istraws but these look better:
The LifeStraw Purifier


Pumbaa 6 Jan 2008 00:47

To buy water or not
I think the main reason we bought it is to use it instead of it being there as a back-up. We (2 of us) will be on the road for about 12-18 months. We will use the steripen for our water instead of having to buy bottled water, so this means that we should hopefully be able to save a bit of money on our trip to go that extra bit longer. working on about AU$ 1 per 1 litre of bottled water, between 2 people, could add up over 12-18 months...
That's the intention anyway, whether we will be able to do that succesfully is a different story...

juddadredd 6 Jan 2008 18:08

I did my research before I started my trip preperation and I approached these guys Pure Hydration - Safe, Filtered Water at home, outdoors & for the Military they are the ONLY water purification supplier to the British Armed Forces so they are the best.

They do loads of bike friendly products and all of their filters are interchangable, well worth a look.

XT GIRL 27 Jan 2008 21:06

These look brilliant...
Swiss made, lightweight, no fuss: just fill your bottle up and drink!

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