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burnout1 22 Oct 2009 12:04

Schberth C3 helmet - the good chioce for a traveling helmet
Hello everybody,

as we had to replace our helmets, we bought one Schuberth R1 (since I love the have an integralhelmet) as well as a Schuberth C3. The C3 is as known a so called systemhelmet. Well ist is really very comfortable for traveling, since you do not have to slip off the helmet everytime you want to drink something or even to be able to make a nice and good picture. Just flip up the front of the helmet:clap:!

In addition to that it looks very good. The old type (C2) looked really somekind of weird:nono:, but the new C3 does not really look different to a normal integralhelmet:welcome:.

With its flipable sun visor and its low noise level inside it is perfect for the big travel. In additon it has a really efficient cooling system:cool4:.

Have a look, I have made some pictures: moto-adventure.ch - Motorradhelm Schuberth C3

I yeah, I nearly forgot to mention: You can also order the C3 in a bright yellow, which makes you visible even in nubia or dunring a night ride by full rain! Have a look!:thumbup1:

Best regards

Betty Swollocks 19 Nov 2009 02:02

Found me the cheapest C3 in the world this week.... kept the site to myself and ordred their last size medium in Matte black.

Helmet arrives today... Size medium.... beautiful matte black.... but it isn't a flip front C3..... but.. a full face S1 pro.... prob worth the same cash as a C3..... but I got promised a price of about £100 less than the nex best offer.

Decisions then...... do I keep an S1 pro, in my favourite colour, brilliant helmet... perfect fit, but not a flip front..... or to do the deed?

rambrose 22 Nov 2009 21:04

Well I hope the C3 is better than the C2. I'm on my 3rd visor. They've replaced it without a word. No sorry or refund of the postage it's cost me.
It still fogs and the weather is still to get colder.
It leaks in strong winds with rain making streaks on the inside of the visor.
Find it's so quiet when off the bike I find it hard to hear what people are saying. Get a lot of wind noise when on the bike (Honda ST1100).

Overall I'm not impressed.

Glenboy 11 Feb 2010 23:08

I've had a C3 for a few months now and I like it. However, I have one or two little niggly issues. First is the padded piece in front of your chin on the flip up part which comes loose on one side from time to time - I just push it back in. Second, I get a very occasional drop of water which seems to get in when I'm riding in heavy rain. Shouldn't happen on a top-end helmet.

Still, overall I'm very happy with it.

By the way have you seen the new Bluetooth kit that Schuberth are selling for the C3 - expensive but neat.

Schuberth GmbH | Schuberth News

empeg9000 11 Mar 2010 00:56

I would love one of these helmets but they are not sold in the US. :frown:

motarddumonde 11 Mar 2010 19:13

I'm looking for a new helmet. I have the schubert, and my choice is for the BMW System 6. Less expensive, made by the same manufacter, nice, same fuctionnality......


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