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yoashman 19 Aug 2008 23:23

Ortlieb panniers or andy strapz expedition pannierz?
Hello, yes sorry I know there is alot of info on soft panniers, but im just looking for some info on these two, Im not interested in any of the other soft panniers. Any info on the ortlieb and andy strapz panniers would be great as would pics! Pics pics pics please as its easyer to see how the bags hang from bikes! Thanks alot

spooky 20 Aug 2008 01:13

well I used the Ortlieb sling over pack a lot on my KTM LC4, they are made very well, but even so I'm still not happy with this bags for various reasons, (may it's the shape of my bike only) so I rather use a 50Lt Rucksack strapped to the parcel carrier for my long trips........ anyway.... haven't used the Ortlieb saddle bags for a long time now, just sitting in a corner.

now first the good news....... this sling over bags are very easy to handle, to fit and remove to any bike readjusting with there two very solid and wide 3inch Valkro adjustable loops across the seat, the bags are absolute water tight and have a ABS bottom to keep theme in shape. Easy to stuff your gear, ideal if you use a additional pack roll on top, across the whole thing.
If you drop the bike this bags can cope with a lot, like a sort of air-bag on the side.

Now the reasons why I'm not happy is that, the bags tent to slip around to one or the other side if not fully balanced, so I started to use a extra strap to tie the handle loops together to the parcel carrier, so it will be OK if there is no need to take the bags on or off the bike quickly. The more serious reason is that the bags got a sort of soft layer to the outside facing the side panels to protect this from scratches, well this foam type stuff melt very easy on the LC4 left side regarding the low distance to the exhaust, making sticky black marks on the V2A exhaust, after that I covered this side of the bag with F1-heat reflecting material but the plastic bike panels still get worn. on the right side of the bike there is not a lot of solid frame that prevent the bag from hanging in to the wheel arch, so the rear Wheel starts rubbing on the bottom of the bag especial if the set-up starts slipping to the right side of the bike..... (as I say may it's only the absent of support of my LC4, may other bikes have less problems supporting this saddle bags)

The Ortlieb page:
Ortlieb Outdoor Equipment see the English part
look out for there part-no: M22 on page 57 in there catalogue.

Material is black Nylon-reinforced PVC (lorry tarpaulin) with reflecting patches.
weight: 2.3 Kg
Volume: 47 Lt.
size: 38h x 28w x 21d cm

I had my Ortlieb bags from KTM-Sommer some years ago:
Packtaschenset, 42 L Volumen, black (10919) EUR 149,95
SOMMER KTM - ZUBEHÖR picture on there side !

well you where asking for a experience report...... and some opinions... here it is........ this bags are made and designed by folk's that make nice bags for push-bikes not for speedy, shaking and vibrating engines riding bad tracks or off-road............. :)
still this bags are usable for certain needs anyway.......... but don't expect to much of it.

take care

Nigel Marx 20 Aug 2008 01:45

Andy Strapz.... I don't have pictures sorry, but they are by far the best soft panniers I have ever seen. I have two pairs.


Nigel in NZ

mollydog 20 Aug 2008 01:58

Excellent report on the Bags.
I have had similar problems with soft bags moving around and getting hot.
I constructed a home made system to keep bag off pipe but not so good.
ON the other side I had success. I just used a piece of electrical conduit pipe.
I fabricated it to bolt in place. This keeps the bag off the wheel and you can
attach bag to it if needed.

I've not used Ortlieb panniers but did try a duffle bag. I sent it back.

I have used Tourmaster bags and now use some cheap Technic panniers,
$60 and a bit too big or off road.

I also switched to a very small GIVI rack to keep soft bag off pipe. Its not too heavy and is way better than my home made project where things still caught on fire.

I think it must be a bit of trial and error on each bike to see what works.
The real test is off road, going fast with bags loaded heavy. Then it will all go wrong ... or not! :thumbup1:

Patrick :mchappy:

Stephano 20 Aug 2008 10:05


Originally Posted by mollydog (Post 203077)
I think it must be a bit of trial and error on each bike to see what works. The real test is off road, going fast with bags loaded heavy. Then it will all go wrong ... or not!

I'm in the process of fitting Andy Strapz Expedition panniers to my CRF450X for my, er, expedition.

As Nigel says, they're extremely well made.

When I've got them sorted out (avoiding the exhaust is the main issue), I'll post some photos. Then, as Patrick says, I'll go fast off road and post some more photos. :)

spooky 20 Aug 2008 14:39


Originally Posted by mollydog (Post 203077)
I think it must be a bit of trial and error on each bike to see what works.
The real test is off road, going fast with bags loaded heavy. Then it will all go wrong ... or not! :thumbup1:

Absolutely right !
Well about making some DIY brackets........... I think the idea of using soft bags like the Ortlieb or Andy Strapz is to keep the weight low and avoiding the need of bulky heavy support frames or brackets, making it easy and comfortable to carry any load with out doing any MODs to the bike.
For instant, the most weight of carrying panniers is actual the support frame, so there would be not much difference using a hard pannier box or soft bags if there is the need of fitting a additional frame.
Yes Offroad bikes like Enduros are very slim at the back, even a parcel carrier is tiny, regardless what brand, but exact this type of bike is used most for travelling on a small and light foot print to remote places, exact this sort of bikes need soft bags more than others.

ukiceman 20 Aug 2008 16:24

I second that...

Originally Posted by Nigel Marx (Post 203076)
Andy Strapz.... I don't have pictures sorry, but they are by far the best soft panniers I have ever seen. I have two pairs.


Nigel in NZ

I got nice new boxes in May, used them once then got Andy Strapz.. I’m happy now :)


yoashman 20 Aug 2008 18:50

Yee Haa!!! Great stuff so far!!! Right to the point about each of the systems so far, cant remember who said this but I too was also thinking that the ortlieb were not the hardcore panniers, more for the push bike and slow riders (not that there is anything wrong with that!!!). The first report was great and after reading that I had pretty much made up my mind anyway!! So it looks like its going to be Andy Strapz, but not untill the end of the week, so still time for more reports and pitcures!!!!!!!!! Thanks alot!

lowuk 22 Aug 2008 12:02

ortlieb panniers or andystrapz expedition pannierz ?
Good decision ! I have a pair and I am completely happy with them.

yoashman 24 Aug 2008 21:38

Hey. Just ordered some of the andy strapz expedition pannierz!!! Yee Haa!!! Really looking forward to getting them, and hopefully it will be pretty bloody soon as the delivery was an extra £20! But no worries, Im sure it will be money well spent. I will be sure to write up a review as soon as Iv used them a wee bit. Cheers for the advice!!!!

yoashman 6 Sep 2008 16:39

Recived them afew days ago!!! Iv only had them on the bike once but the seem grand. It says to give them a good soaking first so I just filled them with a hose and left them to dry, apperantly you need to do this to close up the seams, or something. My ride home took 2 hours, and 2 hours of some of the heavest rainfall I have ever seen in Scotland (I lived in Malaysia for some time, and I hadnt seen rain like it since then!!!). But the panniers didnt let a drop in!!! Also I havnt got any pannier racks for the bike so they were slung over the seat just behind me. They didnt move an inch as the have a couple of funkie little straps on then to secure them to the frame/grab handle. So far so good, they seem bullet proof. Just trying to make up a simple rack now for them. Will write a bit more when I know a bit more! Cheers, Ash

edteamslr 16 Jan 2009 21:39

Any joy with the pannier racks for your Andy Strapz??

buebo 17 Jan 2009 11:11

How are the Andy Strapz holding up when in contact with the exhaust?

I'm just in the (very painful) process of choosing how to store my crap on my travels and it looks like soft bags on a rack, with either the Ortlieb bags or the Andy Strapz expedition panniers.

Now the Ortliebs probably melt down right away if fastened to near the exhaust and 'd rather have some soft bags that can at least take a bit of heat, that is if I can get the Andy Strapz at all in Germany...

tmotten 17 Jan 2009 23:00

Interesting insight on the Andy Strapz panniers.

Soft Panniers recommendations ? - ADVrider

discoenduro 19 Jan 2009 07:40


I regretfully sold my AS panniers to 'Stephano'. I then fitted Metal Mule 31 litre panniers and the bike handled like it was towing a caravan. Bought another set of AS and with the additional AS Flatstrapz have the AS panniers fitted snug and secure around the pannier rack as seen above. The bike handles brilliantly fulled loaded. Only at very slow speed do i notice the extra weight.
Inside the panniers i bought the optional AS dry bags, which pretty much fit the internal shape of the panniers to ensure your good are waterproof.
AS are worth every penny IMHO.


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