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chef jules 11 Dec 2008 16:26

mixed luggage systems
hello people,
I ve just had my annual treck to the NEC bike show , looking this time for luggage ideas for my DL650 V-Strom.
I want to buy alu panniers , and soft back luggage. Bernie Brinkmann [ Sales@ Stahlkoffer.com] had a pair of alluminium panniers with adaptors for any bike for £400. The back box is Ventura kit which is fitted on by means of twoL brackets and a luggage rack..... straight forward and easy to fit . My question is . Has anybody got the Ventura stuff and if so how would you fit the frame for the hard panniers as well? I hope this make sense
PS Ventura system suits me because it doubles as ruck sack and unlike Baglux can accommodate a pillion.?c?

DAVSATO 13 Dec 2008 10:33

why not get a waterproof rucksack or ortleib bag and bungee it onto your luggage rack?

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