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Howiezowie 25 Feb 2008 08:13

Interphone and GPS
I'm seeking feedback from anyone who has experience with the
Interphone by Blueant bluetooth helmet headset
and especially when paired with a gps.
Is the speech and sound clear, does it pair well with other devices, and any other good or poor points.
So many people seem to be shelling out for the Zumo 550 which is bloody pricey, but I would like to know if they pair well with other bluetooth gps.


brittman 25 Feb 2008 13:40

interphone and gps
Hi H.
I have the Interphone system and the zumo 550.I use it with a shoie rf 1000
helmet and a motorola razr v9.
Ifirst had the scalla rider and was unhappy withe quality and the sound.I have tested the interphone by calling my mate in london from the usa doing 70mph and it was clear as a bell he didnt even know i was on the bike.
Here are a few things that make it work better.
!;what kind of phone.it will not work with a phone with the 1.0 bluetooth as they can only pair 1 device so it drops the call as soon as you speak.
2; A full face helmet works better as there is less noise.
As for the bike to bike feature i havn't tried it as it looks too complicated and you only get 100yds.I really love it as a 1 person system as i can listen to mp3
{only in mono on the garmin} and get voice prompts and talk on phone hands free.For the price i think its great. look on ebay i got mine new for $80.
The zumo 550 is pricey but it is awesome esp for route planning and the built in mp3 player.Go to the zumo forums and you'll see tons of infor on all the headsets phones that work with the zumo 550. ZumoForums

Well hope this works for you.tom

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