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Samy 13 Mar 2006 18:12

Hotel or Carrying Camping Equipment ?
Hi Friends,
Nice weather is coming and many people looking forward to ride long distances.
Some to urban trips within Europe or USA and some will go for off roading.
It is a must for off roading to have camping equipment, tent, sleeping bag, cooking, etc. But how about riders riding from Greece or Turkey to Spain for instance? Do they REALLY need camping equipment? Does it worth to carry all that stuff?
Instead trying to find out a hotel/hostel or something looks much more better? Though you are very tired after sunset and spending valuable time for setting up the tent?
What do you think?
I prefer to hear experiences especially.

baswacky 13 Mar 2006 22:32

I do both! I enjoy sleeping out in a tent. But if necessary I am willing to suffer the luxury of a hotel once in a while. There are plenty of "mirco" tents available which take up little space, a lightweight down sleeping bag will pack smaller than a synthetic one. For mainland Europe a small gas cooker is a possibility, rather than the hassle of petrol. Although you could survive by eating out every night. But, personally, I love watching the stars from the middle of nowhere whilst drinking coffee.

But most importantly, you are likely to meet more bikers like yourself on campsites. Turning up on a wet campsite in Norway and having a fellow biker offer coffee and schnapps as you put your tent up is something you remember. Thanks Edgar - wherever you are.

oldbmw 14 Mar 2006 03:56

It does not take much time to get set up, say 10 minutes to put up tent and have the kettle on. However it depends where you are. In france and Spain I tend to camp a lot. In the uk especially England not so much. Even though hotels usually cost more.

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